Corporate Social Negligence!

suicides and a fashion week

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 26, 2005

“life is short, enjoy it” thats the punchline for the hip dudes you come across nowadays. on the other hand for some people life is not short at all. it is long and unending and there is no enjoyment is full of miseries and traumas and these multiplies day by day.for a well off person who might do a professional degree and then masters, the climb is so easy from stratas to stratas, may be even up to page3:)-. for people whose life is not short, sometimes they prefer to make it short because the unending miseries and traumas make their life seem to be so long contrary to the

new age punch line. we will devour some facts n figures to understand the whole situation:

* in A.P from the regions fo telungana & rayalseema 20 lakh people migrated and hundreds ended their lives coz they felt their life was too long . this was due to drought ,debst and misery.

* the no: of reporters who stayed in these villages and repoted this unfortunate incident-6

* the very same year we had lakme indian fashion week – the no: of accredited reporters present were 412

* 4 lakh words were used by the press to cover this event.

* 1000 minutes of t.v time consumed.

* 800 hours of t.v footage produced

* 10000 film rolls were used

* 3,60000 photographs were taken

wow!! big industry fashion is i swear.. we have NDTV BUSINESS,CNBC AND lots of other blaah’s to speak about this rocketing , booming industry sometimes they find it hard to conjure jargons to express, but the reality is nicely forgotten…..


* in india 0.2% of the population wears any kind of designer wear

* leave alone that, only 300 customers were present for this LAKME FASHION WEEK :)-

booming or cheating???

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  1. kuppivala said, on January 26, 2005 at 10:07 am

    that was a knock on my head! but yes unni…i know that is a hard reality we as journalists need to face, and yes, a change is far far in a distant horizon. but even the tsunami coverage, if u have noticed, was more a sad show…of events. no one gains, no one loses…it was a neutral game that was played by the fourth estate! either the public reacts or the “masters” change! or else wait for a much serious generation to work things out!

  2. Pistolegriff said, on January 27, 2005 at 6:54 am

    Nice work… nice bit of research man…. I think its high time we start something like what Micheal Moore did with rage against the machines.. 😉 and dude speakin of fashion week and media.. We saw it in page 3.. The media hypes up everything that they think is entertainment. Really they have done that too all the sports in India and as far as I am concerned, after the Indian cricket and hockey team I guess the next in the line of fire would be Sania Mirza… poor babe.. She’s a good chick. 😉
    I was showing Anand… the RATM videos that Krishna Giant had shown us, btw he s here in bangalore and his on his was to Calcutta for some international conference…. Anand went crazy seeing some of the stunts Tom Morello was doin with the leads and the processor. And dude the Thin lizzy album we got.. we didn’t check out the last song write.. I must say that is legendary guitaring man,, check out the song if you get the chance Black Rose…

  3. W-Bix said, on September 17, 2005 at 7:29 am

    😦 guess it’s glamour which makes people happy…better… about themselves too

    i cant take sad stories … no more.. :((

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