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War against Pinarayi Vijayan!

Posted in India, Kerala, Kozhikkode, politics by clash on January 31, 2009

The name SNC-Lavalin has started to give CPIM cadres in Kerala sleep-less nights. While the party machinery, including the Politburo has stood behind Pinarayi Vijayan in defending him against the charges raised by CBI in the SNC-Lavalin corruption case, the public seems to be having some contrary opinions regarding this.

The Hindu

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

The war of posters started just after CBI raised these charges, in the Christian dominated south Kerala, it did not take much time for people to put up posters in which Pinarayi was drafted among the culprits who were charged for the gruesome murder of a nun – Abhaya.  The poster said, the accused in the murder case; Father Thomas Kottur, Father Jose Puthrikayil and sister Sephi along with Pinarayi Vijayan is being unwantedly tortured by CBI for political gains. That is some nice company for Vijayan, befitting indeed.

That is another side of the story, now it seems hand written posters have appeared in different parts of Kozhikkode and in some other districts, that  carries some serious vitriolic  against Pinarayi Vijayan and his boss Prakash Karat. The party except Achuthandan, who has not broken his silence on this issue is sticking on to their excuse that Congress is using CBI to frame false allegations against the Kerala state CPIM Secretary to defame him and his party as elections are coming.  The party mouth piece – Deshabhimani has been wasting a lot of ink in establishing this fact.

In Kerala people are prudent and it is not easy to convince them and it has been proved in some local elections that has happened in 2008, where CPIM cadres broke away from the party contested the elections and have won. There are rifts in SFI too, the student wing of the CPIM. Some SFI activists burned the effigy of  KEN KunjuMohammed after his searing outburst against CM Achuthandan. Known to the public as a cohort of Pinarayi, this action from some SFI cadres would have created some confusion among the top brass.

I am not concluding anything from these contradictory opinions and actions from the CPIM cadres but i would like to remind myself that this degradation started, when CPIM planned to launch their TV channel. While they had to amass a capital for this, it was inevitable for them to ask favours from the rich and the corrupted sections of Kerala Society. A favour sought has to be reciprocated in some way or the other and the party had to make serious concessions  to accommodate the wishes of these nefarious elements.

This took them down a lane and the journey has culminated in a CBI charge Sheet in SNC-Lavlin Case, where  CBI claims that Pinarayi Vijayan was involved in criminal conspiracy.

And i have quoted and linked to sources which are part of the dubious “media syndicate” sponsored by CIA.  So if you are trying to tell me that again, please dont do so.  I wonder if handwritten posters are also sponsored by CIA!

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  1. Anil said, on January 31, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    The community party has grown in the mind of the people when it stood against serious social cause. It helped to revolutionise the society and influenced the thinking of masses in positive direction. The positive of communist preaching had admirers in the caders of its political opponents.
    But the CPIM in late 90’s onwards chose a different path of growth and compromised it core values (support the cause of underprivliaged and workers) and became a party of commrades with unholy nexus and greed. Pinarayi Vijayan become a cult leader for this new breed of comrades.

    During the past no party secretary had to face so much allegations including scandal, inappropriation and a gun case to top it. Mr.Achutanandan represents other end of the party with extreme positions and the his act was more for mass appeal and paint his opponents in dark rather than any sincere attemept for the cause he stood for.

    This new geneartion leaders with two school of thoughts (more may emerge) represents the conflicts in the mind of true commrades. As a political observer I feel Mr.Pinarayi has no option other than sacrificing his position because it is hard to belive that he is innocent in lavlin case. The misappropriation has pointed out in many enquiry reports including CAG and now in CBI.

    If, the party has to remain in people’s mind then they have to sacrifice both this leaders because they represent the ugly face the party is facing today. The party will experience a rout during the coming general election in Kerala because of kind of hatred they created among masses both as party and governement.

    As a party they ignored the sentiments of various religious groups and societies and made no attempt to interfere in the changing social fabric. As a government it was a complete disaster with no collective responsibility.

    The party has degraded from good to bad and it would be the responsibility of the youngsters in the party to ensure that it does not slip to bad to worse.

    The party is fooling themself by saying that this is an attempt of oppositions parties and a story by media syndicate

  2. abufuwas said, on February 1, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Att. Mr. Shrirama Krishnan,

    Wynad – All India or World General Secretary of Communism Prakash Karat has announced a fatwa yesterday as an attempt to justify the corruption of State General Secretary Mr. Pinarayi. This further conforms to the old saying that ‘CHAKKIKOTHA CHANKARAN’. He too blames CBI for this humiliation party received. Paradoxically, their home minister Kodiyeri is demanding CBI probe for 2nd Marad carnage. How can he believe CBI which has already trapped Pinarayi. I do not know whether all the clowns in the outdated party have become Mandha Buddhi as KEN called or labeled VS.

  3. clash said, on February 2, 2009 at 5:37 am

    Mr. Achutanandan here is a victim and that is what i feel. He had hopes and he worked his heart out last time out for the elections. It is his moral integrity that helped a lot of votes sway in for CPIM.

    The astounding victory last time around was the result of diligent work by Achutanandan and it was not because of the qualities of a secretary who cozy up with the filth in the society.

    He has been a beacon of hope for many a party supporters, who essentially dont belong to the group which gobbles up the hogwash written in Deshabhimani.

    It is not alone the change of policies but an organizational prostitution is what has happened in CPIM. Those who opposed this anarchy was sidelined, threatened and later or thrown out or have complied themselves to be a part of this corrupt machinery. From top to bottom, there a nefarious elements who have hijacked party. This time around, it wont be easy to clean up this mess. They engaged themselves with a cancer, that will eat them out for a while now.

    Politburo who earns their bread through these “rich” state committees has failed to take stern actions against these goonda politics culture that was growing in CPIM.

  4. paramashparamam said, on February 13, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Now what is to be found is the share which polit bureau members got from the deal. Prakash karat had no hesitation to appoint his wife air-hostess turned politician Ms Vrinda to enter into polit bureau. There were several women like gouri amma and susheela gopalan, who struggled for masses yet could not enter into polit bureau.

  5. clash said, on February 13, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Polit bureau is in a fix. There are of course benefactors from the state party but that essentially should not stop them from taking any serious actions, if the corruption allegation is proved in the court.

    I dont know what your knowledge is about Brinda Karat, she has been there around for a while now and has been seriously involved in grass root struggles all across North – India. By any chance i dont find anything irregular in her appointment to the PB. Now that she was former Air hostess should not stop her from having a seat in the PB. If that is the problem, then i would call it problems of jealousy or what not.

    If Gouri amma and Susheela Gopalan never reached there, it is the problem of the party in Kerala, they could never leverage the maximum to get them there or people who had their post in PB was happy to be there and never wanted anyone else grabbing their positions.

    I think most of the influential decisions are taken by the Bengali elite in the party. The fickle malayali comrades who has very less command over Hindi and English are mostly sidelined and that is the case in all the public sphere where left intellectuals gather.

  6. lenin rajendran said, on March 16, 2009 at 2:22 am

    This is one of the most hated bribe in the history,since the communist pary has not affected by correption upto the last secretery of the kerala state.Now we can see that if this party needs fund they are thretoning the people with out any shade.
    They themselves feel that it is their right to cought the money from poor or middle class bussiness people.Since they are getting huge sum from the theves,abkaries,and aother anti social individuals they are forced to do favours for them with out any idiology.This attutude was really the contribution of this Vijayan who seems like a MAFIA Down like David or Hajimastan. Their words are not patriotic and they teach their followers to attain their goals at any cost.This brainwashes followeres never think of the consiquence of their act.In Russia the communist pary was demolished when the leaders ran after wealth and other anti social activities.The situation is seems to be similar here in India also.The huge sum they are aqured through the deals in Kerala and Bengal are very heigh.If they have discussed to receive a bribe amound from any body in their polit beauro then it will become thier right? what a fantacy is this?Vijayan had received the money from SNC lavllin after they have discussed?It is beleved to have possesed a sum around 4000croses in the hand of this labour party and they are one of the top millioneres in when one will be on the top of the huge sum like this normally he will be impatient towords media,so claiming media syndicate.we can remember once when the UTI’s plan US95 clashes the CPIM looses 20crores.from where they get this money?same like snc!Satiago Martin,TATA,Ambany………

  7. prad57 said, on March 19, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Pinarayi Vijayans body language is not like a mass peoples leader like EMS, AKG but like a mafia don.He doesn’t like critcisam. He thinks he is above all laws.He thinks CPM means Pinarayi himself. Other workers are his slaves to fufil his dreams.

  8. Thomas said, on June 7, 2009 at 5:31 am

    Pinaray vijayan think and talk as if he owns CPIM and LDF.He is the most arrogant politician Kerala has seen.He does not respect any one.He does not like anyone who criticise him.Hedoes not want any enquiry or court case against any looting done by him at any cost.CPIM and LDF simply has to be his slaves wagging tales with “yes boss”

    He think people of Kerala are fools.He threatens any one including media through media
    Karat is just a commission agent of Pinaray.Another simple yes man of Mafia King Pinaray

  9. P. Ravindran said, on June 9, 2009 at 2:24 am

    With no disrespect to the commitment and sacrifice of many sincere cadres of the CPM during the past, I would like to say that most of those who comment on the state of affairs of the present CPM are harping on the correctness or impeccablility of CPM in the past. They find but one villian in the story of CPM, the great ‘Pinarayi Vijayan’. But alas! it is not so. What has led CPM to stoop to such a low level? Anyone who understands the basics of Marxist materialism will surely recognise that no individual shape the destiny of a society or organisation or to say more precisely, the role of the individual in any given situation is limited to a reflection of material situation. While saying this, the importance of the role of individuals is not denied. It is only said that individuals only reflect the overall objective situations according to their inclinations which might be progressive or otherwise.

    So, the vital question is why and how could CPM develop and nurture individual leaders like Pinarayi Vijayan and Somnath Chatterjee? Is the answer to this question related to the goodness or badness of some leaders or is it related to a systemic problem? Doesn’t the CPM’s ideological positions on various issues including forming of governments at state and national level, political alliances with Capitalist/Landlord parties, double talk on neo-liberalism and vitally their ditching of proletarian revolution play more important role in the present state of affairs?

    I’ll be back later after some comments. hope I’ll learn more in this interaction.

  10. clash said, on June 9, 2009 at 5:20 am

    @Ravindran : You are absolutely correct, the whole decadence of CPIM in kerala cannot be attributed to leaders like Pinaraayi or Kodiyeri. Ofcourse there has been shift in tendencies for CPIM and that has a lot to do with this degradation.

    I would like you to read my post “why CPIM lost in Kerala” . I have different take on the whole issue.

    • P. Ravindran said, on June 9, 2009 at 4:25 pm

      Dear clash,

      Pl go through this bit and comment.

      The CPI(M) Politburo statement said that the party has won 16 seats with a vote share of 5.33 per cent which is marginally less than the 5.66 per cent it got in 2004. The decline in W Bengal is much more sharp – 5%, while in Kerala it shows a drop of 1%. In Tripura, where CPI(M) retained the two seats, the vote share declined from 68 per cent in 2004 to 61 per cent this time. The party Politburo has indicated both “national and local” factors for the debacle. “National” factors appear to be a euphemism for the central leadership’s decision to withdraw support from the UPA Government, and the decision to project a Third Front; while “local” appears to stand for issues like Singur and Nandigram, and factionalism in Kerala.
      The “national vs local” debate within the CPI(M) is a case of “none so blind as those who will not see.” Both sections of opinion are willfully glossing over how and when the “local” and “national” sins converged over the last three years. Is it not true that when the Left Front Government in W Bengal aggressively embraced corporate land grab and shed the blood of protesting peasantry at Singur and Nandigram, the party Politburo, far from intervening to correct the course, supplied spurious theoretical justifications for it, branding the protestors as “Narodnik” and so on? Singur and Nandigram are not merely “local” factors – rather they took a national toll on the credibility of the CPI(M). Even where the Nuke Deal issue is concerned, it is not the withdrawal of support in itself that discredited the CPI(M). Rather, the full force and urgency of this belated but correct step got blunted by their own track record of the four and half years of support to the UPA Government, in which the CPI(M)’s ‘protests’ on a range of issues including price rise remained pretentious while it actually voted with the UPA to pass anti-people policies like the SEZ Act and Patents (Amendment) Act. The resulting cynicism about the CPI(M)’s postures of protest, as well as the way the CPI(M) used the Nuke Deal as a bargaining tool to buy Congress’ silence on Nandigram, further eroded the credibility of the CPI(M)’s eventual step of withdrawal of support.
      Coming to Kerala, there are some who interpret the verdict as part of the “usual” pattern in the state, which rejects the UDF or LDF in turn. The extent of damage appears to be deeper, and cannot be reduced to the “usual” explanations. Even the attempt to blame the debacle on the severe factional fight within the CPI(M) in the state is misleading. The fact is that factionalism in Kerala is not of the usual variety – rather it reflects some deeper issues and concerns. In this election, for instance, the decision of the CPI(M) to brazen out the issue of corruption charges against the State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, by brushing it under the carpet and blocking the permission for CBI enquiry against him, seems to have boomeranged. The CPI(M)’s decision to try and attract disenchanted Muslim voters back to the fold by backing the controversial cleric Madani from Ponnani, also seems to have backfired. The continued severe tension within the LDF partners and even with the JD(S) were also a factor in the Left’s poor performance. And in Kerala too, tribal land issues and the CPI(M)’s loss at Pathanamthitta, centre of the Chengara land struggle, is significant.
      The 2009 elections marked a rebuff for the communal agenda of the BJP-NDA, and also the marginalisation of a range of parties which had peddled an anti-people agenda under cover of identity assertion. Even the Congress victory, contrary to corporate media claims, is no blank cheque for unbridled liberalisation; rather, issues of livelihood, land, and justice are likely to grow in urgency in days to come. Another notable and encouraging feature in this election is the all-round rejection of criminals-turned politicians. The range of parties did not hold back from fielding such candidates or their proxies, but most of them were firmly rejected by the electorate. The way in which the mandate belied the hype about ‘celebrity politicians’ like Chiranjeevi or Vijaykanth is also welcome. The results show that unlike the MGR-NTR phenomenon of yesteryears, which articulated powerful Tamil and Telugu regional aspirations, Chiranjeevi or Vijaykanth have a fairly limited appeal after all, which does not transcend their narrow caste base and fan network, and could not truly champion even the anti-incumbency upon which they sought to bank.

      Notwithstanding the present euphoria of the verdict amongst the ruling classes and its ideologues, the verdict in fact opens up new challenges and opportunities for revolutionary Left and people’s movement forces in the context of the impending intensification of the grip of pro-imperialist, pro-liberalisation policies on the economy and polity, and unfolding of greater vulnerability of all underprivileged sections.

  11. clash said, on June 9, 2009 at 11:54 am

    This indian express article says everything that all of us know.

  12. Sarath Kumar said, on June 28, 2009 at 7:19 am

    This is not intend a reply to some of the comments here targetted against the state secretray of a party. Becuaue there is a section of public who have been mislead by continionus slander campaign by a some medias. SNC Lavlin case is now before court and many who trapped in the slander campain now realised how wrong they had been when the judge ordred to probe Mr Karthikeyan’s involvemnt. The truth is going to come sooner or later. For those who interested may note that the agreement made under then Chief Minister AK Antony and Karthikeyan clearly stated that it was for Canadian loan to procure Canadian good sand services. ( I have read a copy of the agreement singed on Feb 24, 1996 for Panniayar renovation project). Why did then chief Minister AK Antony choose to procure Canadian goods and services rather than going for a global tender. Even now CBI could not find an iota of evidence of corruption against accused in the charge sheet filed. The enite twists and turns made by those vested interests in the Lavlin case is going to back fire on themselves. I hope all those who now trapped in the slander campaing will follow continiously this development in this case.
    Sarath Kuamr, 28th June 09.

  13. ABDUL LATHEEF said, on July 20, 2009 at 12:26 pm


  14. Ajay geo said, on September 21, 2009 at 11:30 am

    isn’t Lavlin case as simple as it is – Congress govt. started the deal with Minister Karthikeyan signing the deal. Now why would some morons sit an crap about someone else did it.

  15. Sarath Kumar said, on September 21, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I refer to my earlier comments No.12 above, dated June 28, 2009.

    SNC Lavlin deal : Sri Kartihikeayan originated, Pinarayi proceeded and Kadavoor completed. Antony was the CM during both periods. Karthikeyan’s role is now being probed, and obviously the case will not be valid without an originator. After this will come under scrutiny the roles played by Sri Antony and Kadavoor. It is already reported that the latter did not heed the requests made by Lavlin company who were ready to grant the balance amount for the Cancer Hospital. Let us wait and see. It may be interests to see how some medias, politicians and others who indulged in such a horrific slander campaign against Sri Pinarai are going to justify those.

    • clash said, on September 21, 2009 at 1:43 pm

      Mate, it is not alone the Lavalin that i disagree with comrade pinaraayi vijayan. the decadence the party has undergone has not been arrested while he being the sole leader of the party in kerala. We are seeing it day to day, with party cadres, leaders and big shots being embroiled in cases or being accused being part of it. Tell me, some years back how mamny communists leaders were drawn in to such filthy controversies?

      I am not a congress man who is trying to toe along their allegations but accusing the media of blowing up the issues is not the real answer and we will find it in the coming elections.

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