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Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 25, 2005

unfortunate incident: i am so disgusted to write about this incident, though i have taken an oath that repartions of the needed kind will be done without any fault. now i will tell about a book by knut hamsun”the wanderer” , it was an amazing book, i even read about hamsun like this : the whole 20th century new age writing

stems from hamsun. so its pretty obvious how the book should have been. i lost this book on saturday morning. i cant digest the way i lost it. on my way to b’lore i had it with me, half an hour before gettin down there i had it. rather it was in the stands behind

the seat. in less than 10 mins of time…when i went for an errand in the drivers cabin some scoundrel (i cant call anythin else…) flicked the book..i dint notice it, rather i forgot about the book also, i got down from the bus.. i walked..i remembered about the book, ran behind the bus which was still halted, got in to the bus and checked the whole… alas i had lost it. 😦 so sad it was, firstly it was an awesome book, second it was my dad’s book ( i dont have any books of my own, my reading is an offshoot of his!!) he doesnt know that i took it, i cant tell him this.. but i have to tell it somewhere else… no more lies.. in my life….

Last four years of my life had a deep impact on my way of viewing things, be it cinema, books,music whatever. before i never realised the

importance of some malayalam movies that i saw,but in this last four years me and my friends had fruitful discussions about this topic and realised the depth

and the quality of mallu movies. and thats y i never stepped in to a theatre to watch mallu movies for the last 3 years. it has degraded so much. mimicry artists swarm the scene, strong characters are not there any more. even the comedy is substandard. moreover its high time one of our superstar retire and better do some business, mohanlal. and cant personally agree with that perinially corny faced dilip. all this cropped in my mind coz y’day night i got to watch “ravana prabhu”, i cudnt stand it, i just slept off…. and i heard that it is one of the better movies among that lot.i think i made the correct decision of not steppin in to a theatre for 3 years. its so sad when u remember that this same old industry made awesome movies in “vidheyan”, “ponthan maada”, vaasthu haara” and nice ones like nadodi kaatu and things like that. there is no glimmer of hope for our industry, coz even the new age guyz on the screen are so pathetic that you cant compare them with our superstars heydays

listening to the most poltically charged music of our times :RATM wow… they rocks,squeaks,screams and raps.. they are good!!

hamsun lost… have to find some one new.. i think im running for J.M.coetzee, i dont know… if i have somethin of his.. sorry my dad has somethin of his….

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  1. Pistolegriff said, on January 27, 2005 at 6:34 am

    Hey dude.. I would like to share something man.. I have not seen a lot of Mallu movies all this while.. infact many of the good movies I heard were from you.. but there is another pun to this.. I never knew the names of most of the Mallu movies I saw because I used to hide and watch movies from behind the sofas when my parents were watchin movies (my parents never allowed me because they were damn worried about my studies.. I’m happy they did that to some extent..)… but I kept doin this because I used to love the comedy and the antics behind guys like Jagathy and Mohanlal.. this was a really long time back.. back to the 2000 (don’t remember the year) when me and my mom had gone to Kairali in Calicut to watch the renowned I.V Sasi’s Shradda… I had enough of it in the first 15 min and was beginning to nag my mom asking her shall we leave… she told me anyways we came for it so we shall sit for the whole thing.. I decided to sleep in between but I couldn’t sleep as there were a 101 things running in the back of my head.. the same things u jus mentioned…I had seen Bharatham, Kiridam and I jus loved it.. I had seen a couple of I.V Sasi movies (don’t remember the names sorry…) so I thought the combination of the both mite be worth watching… but this movie was more of a football game and the goal was none other than the audience like me and my mom.. I had missed a lot of mallu movies.. but I thought this was it.. I have had enuf.. no more Mallu movies for me…

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