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the journey…

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on January 31, 2005

it was a long journey. tiring too.i had just woken up. under this tree,looking at the serene sky i had slept off y’day night.i had no watch so did not know the exact time . i think it would have been midnight or so when i slept.night is so beautiful at times. the screeching and squeaking sounds of insects , the mild breeze, the full moon and the stars. it is an endless scope of imagination. to shrug off the sleep from me, i got up stretched my arms in to the thin air, took a deep breath and groped around my pocket for the pack pf cigarette. i opened it, took the last one in it and lighted. smoke curled their way up in to the thin air, so was my thoughts.

when i was small i had 2 friends. bilthik and kwapi. i played with them, fought with them, we climbed trees, we ran around and together we went to school.i was growing up and gradually i got alienated from them.i wanted to play with them, climb trees with them, but i could not do it anymore. it was natural that these people got alienated from me. i started getting self centered, things started to get more serious and serious in life. i just could not find time to spend with my friends.

one of these days i wanted to travel on a muddy path. red was the colour of the mud in the path.i did not want to be alone, i wished that my friends were along with me.i persuaded them, but it was too late , they had just forgotten me as a friend. i thought, why should i travel alone in this path?? so i did not for a long while. but one fine morning i started off, it has been an endless journey all along the muddy path. the start was easy but later it started getting tougher and tougher. here i am under a big tree smoking a cigarette. smoke still curled their way up. thoughts too.

it is an endless journey in the quest of money, pleasure, power and things that we dont know. most of the time unexpected things happen, like me deserting my friends and they forgetting me as a friend, thought they were “imaginary”. long time back i had ostracized them from me. then never recalled them. the journey is always trodden alone, though futile attempts of sharing the burden is done as a way of life.

‘fetch me a fruit of the banyan tree’

‘here is one, sir’.

‘break it’.

‘i have broken it, sir’

‘what do you see’?

‘very tiny seeds, sir’

‘break one’

‘i have broken it, sir’

‘what do you see now’?

‘nothing, sir’

‘my son’ the father said ,

‘what do you not percieve is the essence, and in that essence the mighty banyan tree exists’.

‘believe me,my son in that essence is the self of all that is. thats the true, that is the self…………

quote from chhandogya upanishand….

:)- reading.. the history of india by romila thapar.. listening: nothing……

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  1. Pistolegriff said, on January 31, 2005 at 12:45 pm

    That was a class piece man.. real classy… really reminded me of that Ben Okri book “Famished Road”..
    nice goin man.. keep the guns goin..

  2. clash said, on January 31, 2005 at 4:53 pm

    thank you dude….. man on 12th me leavin to the sardar alnd for the interview n G.D :)- hope u r doin fine, i will be callin u… i want hafiz bhai’s no:

  3. kuppivala said, on February 1, 2005 at 3:23 pm

    the first thing i did after i came back from the reporting was to check this out! and now i lost my words, somewhere while reading! i take my words back unni! creativity 🙂 and more than what that word can explain! not too much of bombastic words, pleasing and serene, a flow in language, very very rare!!! 🙂 am all smiles now!

  4. clash said, on February 1, 2005 at 5:56 pm

    thank uuuuuuuu he he.

  5. W-Bix said, on September 17, 2005 at 7:25 am

    beautiful one… aiee nostalgia..
    sometimes yu wish you could just unwind the clock’s hand no?
    sometimes you forget them, sometimes they forget yu
    sometimes it’s just memories we are all clinging to, cos we change along the way…. 😦

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