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Where are the playgrounds?

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Asks the Kerala football team coach – M.M Jacob, who was in helm for the recently concluded Santosh Trophy.

Sorry, if you mistake this as a ritual, I kindly request you not to consider this as one. Even though most of my posts have that quintessential cynical streak in them, I need to make it clear that I don’t really intend to constantly churn out pessimistic articles about Kerala football. The problem is that it keeps coming most often than expected because, that is the state of kerala football right  now.

The irony of  our football is well explained at this moment. We have a Kerala footballer in Denson Devdas, who scored a brace to take West Bengal to Santosh Trophy title after a long wait for 11 years. On the contrary we have the  Kerala team which crashed out in a quarterfinal match against Mizoram. While the state still produces players like Denson, there is something seriously lacking in our football as M.M. Jacob explains in this interview report to Stan Rayan of The Hindu.

The interview needs no in-depth analysis  as Jacob is quite candid about our footballing situation, but he points out a very important factor that is contributing to the decline of  Kerala football. The availability of play grounds , an issue which has skipped the attention of many in Kerala. He says : “Children these days don’t have a ground where they can run and play freely. There is so much restriction everywhere. I think, if we get the Ambedkar Stadium (in Kochi), develop it nicely, it will help football in a big way,” And it can’t get anymore clearer. There is a massive shortage of open spaces, leave alone play grounds in Kerala. The chaotic urban and rural planning hardly leaves any space for public utilities like a park or a play ground, what so ever happened to the current government’s policy of identifying 10,000 play grounds.

Kerala has not won the inter-state tourney after 2002 and has been crashing out of the tournament in the earlier stages of the competition, thanks to humiliating defeats at the hands of other states. The situation is quite bleak with the once super star I.M. Vijayan admitting that the talent coming forth is substandard. Academies and nurturing talent right from young age is the way forward, but all those will only come in to place unless we realize the importance of play grounds and start planning towards creating more space for children to play.

Talking about playgrounds and stadiums, the latest news is that Viva Kerala, the team representing Kerala in i-league is on the run to find a ground where they can play their home matches. If Viva has to hunt a ground, imagine the plight of a  kid wanting to play some football.

The most cynical preamble for WC 2010

Media, English and the vernacular is awash with news about football fever in kerala.  Extensive and in-depth coverage of the football fever in fact.

While the World Cup build up is happening, Kerala is currently participating in the Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy – Junior NFC.  The results are a contrast to the euphoria that media is trying to push down our throats. In this junior national tournament, Kerala is in a tough cluster but that is no excuse for the failure.

Here is what we have managed so far.

score card courtesy :

score card courtesy :

Thorough thumping in both the matches played. The score line is indeed a matter of worry. It shows that we were not even a match against both these teams.

Chandigarh is home to a very decent football academy and its a government run one.  North eastern states are innately very good at football and some of them are the beneficiaries of effectively implemented Vision India programme, a junior footballing programme conducted with the help of AFC. I am not sure if  Mizoram is part of this programme yet.

Kerala, for being a football loving state, does not have a single government run football academy. A lot private short term football coaching camps happen and there are considerably successful ventures like SEPT ,but these are not helping our football in a desired manner.   I also tried tracking the Vision India programme that was implemented in Kerala, but hardly any news came up of it.

This is not new, last time around we crashed out of this age group tournament in good fashion.  I carried out my usual cynical work here.

When everyone is eagerly awaiting the world cup football, it is probably not a right moment to contemplate about Kerala football . It would be nice if  the Malayalam journos who are waxing lyrical about the world cup fever stand up and take notice of  our football’s decline.

Thejas online has two different stories about the World Cup football fever, here and here.

Before blasting them for not having enough attention to our own backyard, i have to say that Thejas carries the best football news in Malayalam on any day.

For a week or more, i have been trying to jot down something about my world cup memories but that never happened. The draft happened, shelved, dusted again and then again shelved.

Memories would remain memories, it looks like.

All these while i was getting treated to variety of news articles from various sources over the internet about the football madness that is slowly creeping in Malabar. A coincidence that the  Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy – Junior NFC is also currently underway.  I couldn’t stop myself, here i am with a post that could the most cynical preamble written  for this world cup.

I have a contender here : Who’s losing at the World Cup?

I am happy that i managed to conjure something up about football before the world cup started.

My bets for this world cup  :

1. Argentina (Eternal favorites!)

2.Netherlands (Van Persie, Top Scorer)

3.Spain (Fabregas, have a good tournament and stay with us for another year or so.)

4.Cameroon (African teams are supposed to do good in this cup and my pick is Cameroon. They have an imbalanced team not anywhere close to Milla and co, still i would vouch for them)

And that is it. Enjoy the footballing month ahead.

Musli Power and Irish Newspapers….

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Sleaze has no boundaries. It sells. Be it Bamaku or Dublin, it has takers.

Indian Football achieved quite a lot in 2009. In fact it has been a steady progress, even 2008 was good enough.

We retained Nehru Cup, the U-23 team brought back the SAFF cup , a Federation Cup where rookies from the North East gave the premier teams a run for their money and so much more.

Unlike the usual trend our footballers appeared all over news, be it Baichung Bhutia for his sizzling win in the Reality TV dance show and the controversy that ensued or the launch of Football Players Association of India (FPAI) where footballers danced their hearts out, as if all of them wanted a direct call up from  Reality Dance shows.

So much for football in India? Yes, it was quite happening to say.

All these did  not  really make  the  International Media stand up and get notice our football, except for some blogs from the wilderness mentioning our football ,the improvements and achievements that was unfolding here.

Recently though, International media is picking up news about our football. Leading the way is the Irish Media.

Two articles have appeared in 2 Irish different media sources about Musli Power Churchill Brothers team, whose team members were accused of molesting an air-hostess mid air.

It is funny, it took words like molestation, Musli Power – an aphrodisiac and these concoction of spurious words spurred the attention of the world to stand up and take notice of our football.

While the first article was a news piece they picked up from some where in Irish Independent, today they have gone a bit further. Some one seems to have seriously done some research in whipping up this article.

It is pathetic and sad to see this kind of Journalism. We had a decent year, when it comes to football and no one bothered.

Suddenly we have a Musli Powered team being accused of molestation and they are all over.

Suddenly i felt, Indian Footballers are all molesters. Indian Clubs dont play football, they play molestation. Such pathetic has been the media response. The foreign and the Indian, alike Stink.


Sleaze sells.

Kunnath Pharma, though came out saying that they will withdraw the sponsorship for the team, they should be happy with the Impact their “Musli Power” made. There is no better marketing strategy for an aphrodisiac than getting dragged in to a molestation scandal. The name is pasted all over the media.

Wonder this will lead to a libido over charge in our country. Beware, Musli Power could be coming to Ireland too. The media has built up the platform with right articles, just that Kunnath needs to cater to the demands overseas.


Newzealand herald :

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Perhaps having sampled the sponsor’s product, three players were involved in an in-flight “molesting” incident involving a stewardess.
Unfortunate sponsorship alert! One of South Asia’s biggest soccer clubs, Churchill Brothers, could lose their major sponsor, aphrodisiac manufacturer Musli Power Xtra.

But it wasn’t their fault, according to club management: “It was very cramped,” said Churchill Alemao, patron of the club.

“We have written to the Civil Aviation Minister to call for more space. It is not sensible otherwise.” Quite right – airlines can’t be too careful in this day and age.
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and, oh..yes :

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Indian side Musli Power Churchill Brothers say an in-flight “molesting” incident involving three players and a stewardess was the fault of the plane’s layout. “It was very cramped. We have written to the Civil Aviation Minister to call for more space. It is not sensible otherwise.” Club sponsors, aphrodisiac brand Musli Power Xtra, are “considering their position”.
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Kerala Volleyball League (KVL)

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Kerala Volleyball League (KVL) is here.

The advert is a decent one with pathetic  music. Inspite of all these, kudos goes to Volleyball association of kerala. At least they are striving to make something happen and that clearly is a different path, compared to their other counterparts.

Mamooty obviously adds to the glamor quotient.  Now, if he is what the game really lacked, then let him be there. I don’t really care.

I read about the format in which it is going to appear. 9 days, 16 matches and live telecast, that doesn’t sound bad at all.  It is happening in Kozhikode means, crowd is a sure bet for a match held under flood lights.  So the organizers don’t really have to bother about that.  Probably some more intense campaign through the FM Radios  that litter the air space with all kind of tosh at the moment in Kerala will help.

Anyway i am eagerly waiting for KVL to happen. There is a lot of potential to be tapped in sports other than cricket. If it is packaged well, i am sure it will happen. Fingers crossed!!

To cater to market demands, Indian international volleyballers like Kishore Kumar has changed their looks, which they think will attract more youngsters to this game.

He says ;  “We have to package ourselves better. Everybody is excited about the new league, suddenly all the players are charged up. And since actor Mammootty is the league’s brand ambassador, we will have big crowds since he has thousands of fans in Kozhikode and Malappuram.”

The game also has it fans!

Kalavimarsham – 25 years on!

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kala vimarsha.

through my google reader feeds i stumbled upon this article, which talks about an article written by famous writer in Malayalam – N.S. Madhavan , who remembers an iconic book that appeared in Malayalam and the people who were influential in bringing out the book, especially late Dr.T.K. Ramachandran.

It is interesting to see the kind of interest that is being generated by this book – Kalavimarsham – oru Marxist manadhandam, which is still lying in one corner of my father’s book racks.

It is indeed with much pride that i can claim that my father is also mentioned in this article and he was very  much involved in bringing out this book.  and a few minutes back, i shared this news with my father and he noted that they were planning to republish the same with some more additions.

anyway i am not the right person to make any observations about the book because i have not read it but i have all the right to get enthused about my father who was also part of this venture.

N.S . Madhavan says,

what Kalavimarsham – oru Marxist manadhandam did was to get inspired by the thoughts of Marx, Lenin, Luckas, Althusser , Frankfurt school of thought and analyze the cultural life of a malayali. And that was one of an analysis as it covered almost everything that came across its path. Spirituality to strip cartoons to movies to poems to novels.

Okay, that was a terrible gist i could write about the article. If you are good at Malayalam, you can read the N.S . Madhavan article here.

oh. ho, before winding up the Ravindran that has been mentioned in the article is my maternal uncle.  more reason to get enthused!!

Due courtesy to M Mercutio and Bashaposhini weekly.

Why CPIM lost in Kerala?

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Reading up a lot of tosh about that “devilish laugh” our very own Achu Mama sported after the election debacle of left in Kerala. Blogdom is awash with articles which accuse him of being a traitor and sort.  In his political career  there would have been instances in which the CM adjusted himself to safeguard his position, there is not much of debate about this. The kind of allegations that are hurled at him are juvenile and cornering him as the sole reason for the election debacle shows left’s incapability  in understanding the ground reality.

I would like to make a simple point here. The CPIM leadership which mostly have leaders from Kannur were bound to undergo a paradigm shift in their tendencies when absolute power came in to their hands. Crucial is to know; how all these leaders from Kannur grew up to take over the mantle from their  much respected predecessors. Most of them simply don’t have a history of leading mass struggles or any agitations, neither are they shrewd tacticians, they grew up countering the violent tendencies of RSS in Kannur. They played  a tit-for-tat game in Kannur against BJP/RSS and at times against NDF, congress and sorts, engaging in a very violent form of political struggle. This was definitely a challenge and i am not trying to belittle the effort of this violent struggle. I consider it as a struggle against virulent fundamentalism which often took vicious and violent forms.

What they engaged was not in mass struggles, agitations or shrewd politics but they involved in some sort of a brazen mafiosi style politics and now the Mafiosi nature have subsumed CPIM with these leaders at the helm.  The sheer arrogance in which they deal in public and the kind of alliances they forge are above the top of a common man. The local leadership also have undergone a massive transformation, local leaders being brazenly corrupt and sorts. With the “old timers” fading out, i would say there was not enough corrective force inside the party  and that is proving very dangerous.

With absolute power this Mafiosi culture have eaten up in to their values and  the ways of working.  The party-entertainment channel was a good enough platform for these new breeds to roll their dice. In doing  so they co-habited with rich nefarious elements, seeking help to raise and  rear the channel.  That was ambitious but for the party it was  fatal.  It was inevitable to accomodate the interests of these elements  and no-sooner was the party in the midst of all contoversies. Allegations have quite often cropped up in the state against indulgence of relatives of various ministers in nefarious activities during this CPIM tenure.

A very bad tendency for a Marxist-Leninist party and while all these issues are still overlooked, there is a bunch who are beating around the bush trying to corner Achuthanathan,  trying to deduce  the meaning of his “devilish laugh”.

So what are these malayali bloggers saying? that Achuthanathan should not have expressed his apprehension about the SNC-Lavalin corruption case?  Whatever are the figures propagated to ascertain their stance is complete ly tosh. If CPIM  got drubbed this time around, it was because of their way of functioning and absolute disregard to the people who voted them to power last time around with absolute majority.  People have been constantly watching the diligence with which party machinery has been torpedoing every efforts of  CM who is an outsider in  this mafiosi gang.

To square it all, check this interview with Abdur Rezzak Mollah a CPIM cabinet minister in Bengal. He puts it quite straight-forward, if CPIM is to gain the ground back they have to transform and change it attitude. Though it might be difficult to draw parallels between Bengal and Kerala dues to the obvious differences that exist, the interview make it quite clear – there needs to be a change in the attitude of CPIM, simple.

More over it will be very nice if the leadership Kerala understands that everything is not a conspiracy by CIA!

Elections and the aftermath!

I am happy with the verdict in Kerala.  The reasons are as follows….

  • CPIM has been off track for a while in Kerala.  They were haughty and is totally alienated from the ground realities.
  • The central leadership expected to pull off a Houdini act by flaunting something called a 3rd front, which crumbled badly after the elections.

If i am to list, there is quite a lot to. So it is better that i dont.

Though i am happy with a verdict which almost threw BJP in to the dust bins, there is a fair share of apprehension that i have with UPA and that becomes very true with rumors of Montek Singh taking up the finance ministry.

In a short span we will see  SBI, LIC  and sorts being “reformed” and our pension funds being listed on the stock market. It is a wonderful prospect to await for ,because on a fine morning,  it is possible that we will hear someone resigning with huge bonuses in kitty, somewhere on earth. Before we realise our savings and funds would have gone completely astray!

Let us hope “reforming” SBI which has more customers than the population of Australia will pitchfork a world reeling out of recession; at our expense !

What if Shashi Tharoor walks out of a talk show?

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Ha, it is not as if  the sky has fallen down. The media is going ga-ga over Shashi Tharoor’s walk out from an election related television chat show.

But, is that a freaking big deal? How would that affect Kerala, anyways? First of all, will all the problems in Kerala be solved, if Tharoor starts to push down our throats, his international suaveness and debating skills? No.

So what does he think?

The Kerala crowd is not prudent enough to judge him? Is he trying to make us feel bad with all his international diplomacy and suaveness?  Then I would say, he has got it completely wrong by selecting Kerala as a launch pad for this electoral debut , each of his actions – past and present, will be weighed up by the public here and if that happens, he has serious concerns for worrying. After all, many of us know that a win for him in Kerala is just a shortcut to the power prostitution centre of India – New Delhi…we really don’t think ew would see him parading around in a mundu if at all he get elected…

He came down to Kerala and wrote an article in favor of Coca-Cola, where he dismissed the whole issue as a minimal one, of many losing their jobs because of a retrograde mentality that exists in Kerala. He completely forgot the environmental calamities that the Coca Cola plant in Palakkad created, he did not think of the livelihoods of normal people in Palakkad, which is one of the most drought affected districts in Kerala. He just went on with his neo-liberal tirade against the valiant Plachimada struggle, the localities carried out against Coca-cola, a criminal corporate who has a dubious distinction of  killing trade-union activists and environmentalists all over the world.

Wearing mundu and being part of cavalier politics doesn’t make a  Keralite any less than what Shashi Tharoor is. I am sure there are people in Kerala who could  give him hours of dissertation about geo-politics and what not.

Coming back to the walkout, if he had the guts to walk out, he should have done that while he was serving as the under-secretary of UN. Gruesome wars on fictitious pretexts were waged during his stint, under the complete complicity of  the UN. Why did he not feel like leaving his job, if he holds such moral integrity?

Take my cautionary words, Mr. Tharoor, if at all you are trying to belittle Malayalis by flaunting your fake moral integrity and suaveness, you will be punished severely and Kerala has a wonderful history of doing so.  If you did not know that, you don’t have to ask Kofi Annan or Ban Ki Moon, just check the electoral history of Kerala. Be happy  that you will  soon be part of that ‘disgusting, rotten pile of discards’ that still get mentioned as part of our history!

Church in denial mode!

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Father Paul Thelakat, spokesperson of the Syro-Malabar Church, dismissed the autobiography as “trivial” and an “aberration of the Church.” However, the Church official agreed the nun’s autobiography would “certainly tarnish” the Church’s image and create confusion among Catholics about convent life.
“Many people are going to believe (Raphael’s) words as she was a principal in a women’s college. So the Church should take it seriously,” Father Thelakat said.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India (UCAN) — The Catholic Church in southern India’s Kerala state is playing down a former nun’s controversial autobiography.
A leading English language daily, “The Indian Express,” ran a story on Feb. 19, titled “Ex-nun’s confession set to rock Kerala Church.” The newspaper carried excerpts from the autobiography of Jesme Raphael, a former nun and member of the Congregation of Mother of Carmel.
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Aggregating news employing a feed reader is fun. It serves two purposes; first it updates you with news and related stories for which you have set up your feeds and the second; it allows you to understand a trend, the trend of news and how it is being generated and on what it is being generated.

The last time Christianity in Kerala was under scanner for global news churners when a murder happened in a Knanayan Syriac Orthodox church in New York City. Amazing was the amount of news that generated about Christianity in Kerala after this shooting incident. My feeds set up to siphon out Kerala related news blinked quite often and i was astonished to see news being generated from different parts of the world.

It is very interesting that most of the news generated in relation to the above mentioned incident was about Knanaya Christians. At least for some in the world, it would have been a pleasant surprise to find out that Christianity arrived in this small strip of land long back in AD.52.

This time around, churches in Kerala are not in the limelight for their history but for some controversies and it is nothing new to them. The much talked about Abhaya Murder case is still going on and some priests and sisters have been taken in to police custody and more is in the offering now.

Yesterday i found out that an ex-nun from a Catholic Seminary in Kerala has quit the seminary and has come out with her autobiography. Sister Jesme is not another push over or an unfortunate soul like sister Abhaya. She was the principal of St.Mary’s womens college in thrissur and every one knows what it takes to be a principal in a degree college.

Now the church has come out saying that it is an aberration. I wonder if they are speaking about the book or about the type of relationships that goes on in the seminaries in Kerala. Sister Jesme in her book reveals about the homosexual relationships that nuns share in seminaries.

Union of Catholic Asian News has come out with a news article which says that sister Jesme’s revelations are farce but people might take it seriously as she was the principal of a leading women’s college in Kerala.

I dont think a lady who was committed to serve god for years (3 decades!) will come out and lambast a system in which she thrived for decades. There should something seriously rotting in there.

For CPIM supporters in Kerala , these kind of allegations against them are conspired by “CIA sponsored media syndicate”. I wonder what kind of bogus monster will church create to implicate these kind of break-away nuns ,believers and their candid revelations!

There are no excerpts of the book available on internet but here are some links in Malayalam that might help you out.
Malayalam Google News

If the news is something related about Christianity, it doesn’t take much time for the international media to grab it. Here goes Independent’s take on the story :

Former nun tells of sex and suffering inside Indian convent

The latest news is that ‘Amen – Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakatha’ (Amen – Autobiography of a Nun) published by DC books has gone to reprint. It seems the publisher is going to bring out another 2000 copies of this book which is selling like hot cake in Kerala.  This should not be a surprise, kerala is a place where O.V.Viajayan’s  Kazhakinte Ethihaasam was sold over 13 editions, Arvind Adiga’s book The White Tiger was sold out after he was awarded the booker and so on. So the fetish towards books is a common trait in Kerala.  Now, this with a lot of sleaze and that too divine sleaze will surely attract quite a lot of readers.

Note : Unfortunatley you will  find some unscrupulpous links in my related posts ( Auto generated in I dont have any affiliation towards these far-right blogs .  I always maintain my stance towards organised religions – they are criminal gangs. It doesnt matter if it is Hindu, Christian, Muslim or whatever!

Is this any surprise???

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Thiruvananathapuram: Already reeling under several controversies, the Kerala Catholic Church is facing fresh embarrassment from a tell-all autobiography written by a nun who recently quit the Order alleging harassment from superiors.
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These kind of elements are present in all religions. So, let us not make this an occasion for mud slinging. Organised religions are criminal gangs!