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The Prodigy Concert – Bengaluru

Posted in India, Music by clash on January 21, 2011

It is turning out to be quite a task to get something written here.  The last action worthy of mentioning here is the Prodigy concert I attended.  I am not much of a Prodigy man, but there is an interesting story about how I got to know prodigy for the first time.

One of my best pals now and I got introduced the first time in college, when he asked me if knew the band prodigy, while scanning the college notice board and looking at the Production Engineering department’s tech fest – Prodigy’s notice put up there.  Back then my whole exposure to English or western music were some Backstreet Boys, Boy zone, Boyz2men and some, who was that, ah yes, George Michael and that’s it.

Anyways, in due course of time, I did listen to some of their interesting and usual tracks like the fire starter, smack my bitch up and so on. Getting back to the concert, it was fairly a decent one. I have not attended so many international acts here in Bengaluru other than Iron Maiden. Some how, I did not quite enjoy Maiden and I felt it was not loud enough.

The Prodigy concert was a well organized one, with some decently prized booze and good food selling at the adjacent stalls. Some friends from office and I entered only after Prodigy took stage. So I missed out all those Indian electronica acts that preceded prodigy. I am not too familiar with so many of them but I would have loved to hear few of them.

Prodigy started with a bang, the stage was very nicely set up with a lot of lights which definitely added an extra punch to the whole show. They are an awesome act on the stage – lots of energy and lot of persuasion to get the audience involved. They played some usual numbers like Smack my bitch up, Firestarter and also some tracks from their new album Invaders must die.

My relative ignorance about their other tracks means, I just enjoyed the music without knowing what they were playing but it looks like I quite enjoyed it. They really managed to get some legs shaking even though I felt the crowd was pretty sedate and far too less for a famous electronica act like prodigy. May be there are not so many takers for that genre here.

They played around an hour or a little more than that. Catching up with a fella at the concert in the gym, he told me they played around 17 tracks, which I seriously doubt. Anyways, it was a nice and good concert after a long time. The last time I had been to something like this was for the local act – Avial at the St.Johns hospital. Needless to say, it was pathetic.

There is no definitive conclusion about the concert as I am not much of a prodigy listener but it was an enjoyable outing with some friends.  I have some videos which managed to shoot, will try uploading them.

Bollywood and Israeli arms manufacturer!

As normal citizens in our country, we tend to oversee a lot of aspects that shape up our nation and one among them is this video i discovered through my Google Reader feeds.

It was astonishing to see that some Israeli Arms manufacturer called Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled their new marketing campaign using a video that might even put to shame some of our b-grade movies and somehow i got reminded of some Bhojpuri film clips that have caught my attention on Youtube.

The funniest part of this whole episode is that, the video was unveiled in the Aero Show which happened in Bangalore, right in my backyard and still there was no buzz in our media about this video or the company that brought out this farcical piece.

With the greater middle east project soon expanding its tentacles all over South Asia, Israeli arms manufactures definitely see India as a customer with a lot of potential.

While they try to push their agenda through some Mujra look alike performance trying to enchant our nation, on the other hand we should not forget that the ulterior aim of these companies are  larger instability in the region and more arms sales.

While reading through some blogs which managed to write about this farcical video stunt, i found out that some of us are welcoming Rafael to India as it seems Israel is yet another nation which has been at the receiving end of Islamic terrrorism and these mindless twerps argue that it is high time that we join hands in fighting terrorism. While joining hands to fight terrorism could all be good, but do you think that Rafael is here because they have sympathy for us, that we are also victims of Islamic terrorism? Aren’t they here for business? What does arms business means? Doesn’t it mean more and more instability and insecurity, so that we spend more and more on these arms? Is that we should fall for in the name of combating terrorism? Isn’t it utterly foolish to shower godly blessings on this unholy nexus?  Fighting terrorism is in fact an urgent issue but in doing so should we drag ourselves in to a trap-door through which many nations have already passed through and has become irretrievable. Such a quagmire is this.

It is all dance and song in the advertisement, with suggestive lyrics like ” We will support you and protect you” but where have we seen this kind of dance before?  Dancing around missiles and guns is definitely  not a part of our culture for sure. If memory doesn’t fail me, i have not yet seen a Bollywood song sequence in which the hero romances around missiles and guns.  Otherwise, we have not yet reached there!

This is not the question of Islamists turning hostile on our nation because we engage with Israel but as i mentioned earlier, “Instability” is the need of these companies and they thrive on the profits carved out of bloody conflicts.

Private armament manufacturers are a liability to the whole world. Their profits are dependent on conflicts and wars . As any profit motive company does, they try to generate maximum profits by creating situations that normal people are wary of!


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Me and Dhanya travelled to the northen tip of Kerala to attend a seminar on Missionaries and their influence in north Malabar and South Canara.

While returning, we were stuck for about 12 hours in the midst of a jungle. A lorry toppled across one of the hair-pin bends. So that was it –

The other pictures are some of the best i have ever taken. They are crude wallpapers i found in a Basel Mission Lower Primary School in Kanghagad.  This is one of the oldest schools in North Malabar – a mere 110 years.  Now, some say education is not up to the mark in India but in this school through these picture; i understand the reality is something different. Some of them convey strong messages with alacrity,foreseeing a catastrophe unfolding in Kerala due to the indiscriminate atrocities committed against nature.