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The Prodigy Concert – Bengaluru

Posted in India, Music by clash on January 21, 2011

It is turning out to be quite a task to get something written here.  The last action worthy of mentioning here is the Prodigy concert I attended.  I am not much of a Prodigy man, but there is an interesting story about how I got to know prodigy for the first time.

One of my best pals now and I got introduced the first time in college, when he asked me if knew the band prodigy, while scanning the college notice board and looking at the Production Engineering department’s tech fest – Prodigy’s notice put up there.  Back then my whole exposure to English or western music were some Backstreet Boys, Boy zone, Boyz2men and some, who was that, ah yes, George Michael and that’s it.

Anyways, in due course of time, I did listen to some of their interesting and usual tracks like the fire starter, smack my bitch up and so on. Getting back to the concert, it was fairly a decent one. I have not attended so many international acts here in Bengaluru other than Iron Maiden. Some how, I did not quite enjoy Maiden and I felt it was not loud enough.

The Prodigy concert was a well organized one, with some decently prized booze and good food selling at the adjacent stalls. Some friends from office and I entered only after Prodigy took stage. So I missed out all those Indian electronica acts that preceded prodigy. I am not too familiar with so many of them but I would have loved to hear few of them.

Prodigy started with a bang, the stage was very nicely set up with a lot of lights which definitely added an extra punch to the whole show. They are an awesome act on the stage – lots of energy and lot of persuasion to get the audience involved. They played some usual numbers like Smack my bitch up, Firestarter and also some tracks from their new album Invaders must die.

My relative ignorance about their other tracks means, I just enjoyed the music without knowing what they were playing but it looks like I quite enjoyed it. They really managed to get some legs shaking even though I felt the crowd was pretty sedate and far too less for a famous electronica act like prodigy. May be there are not so many takers for that genre here.

They played around an hour or a little more than that. Catching up with a fella at the concert in the gym, he told me they played around 17 tracks, which I seriously doubt. Anyways, it was a nice and good concert after a long time. The last time I had been to something like this was for the local act – Avial at the St.Johns hospital. Needless to say, it was pathetic.

There is no definitive conclusion about the concert as I am not much of a prodigy listener but it was an enjoyable outing with some friends.  I have some videos which managed to shoot, will try uploading them.

Oscars : Rahman, Resul and Pinki….

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It is heartwarming to see a terribly unassuming Rahman holding an Oscar in his hand. So should be said about Resul too, though they are a placed at two different ends on the so called  scale of success.

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A R Rahman with Danny Boyle (right)
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Rahman rarely had anything more to achieve in India and deservedly is awarded an Oscar now.  He has been a glittering presence in the world of cinema and especially in Indian music industry  where we have celebrated music composers who are quite well known for “flicking” tunes.

From the emotional scores in  Roja to the peppy numbers in Boys and the later ones, his music has always struck a chord with the public. The ultra famous dance numbers from Kadhalan literally brought down ceilings !!

Those days are over, here is making suave tunes and melodies and of course some terrific rhythmic peppy numbers that enchants almost all the cross-sections of the society and his transformation into such a musician who could capture the hearts of young and old alike has played a tremendous role in his success.

Oh.. that is quite a lot of words about Rahman but i am sure, i can go on and on!

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Resul is the typical underdog in our film industry. Loads of talent but in an industry where nepotism rules the roost, he has not been able to cut a decent career. Now, that’s the past. Here we are expecting a new beginning for Resul! Cheers to him too!

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Smile Pinki poster (Picture: Dr Subodh Kumar Singh)
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Last but not least… a few words about Pinki too : The story of an Indian girl born with a cleft lip has won the Oscar award in the short documentary feature category.

Some words and a song…

Posted in India, Music, politics by clash on October 24, 2008

You are left without words when some words very well encapsulate what you ought to say or what you feel. These words which i found on a blog left me thinking for a while. I found it worthy enough and felt it should occupy a space on my blog. Here it is…..

God is dead.
Marx is dead. Lenin is dead.
Gandhi is dead.
I am alive
and not feeling too well myself.
(Graffitti in JNU)

Source :

Before i could fathom the weight of these words i was led to this wonderful song by Rabbi Shergil. Rabbi seemed to be a musical mystic with his first album and the hit song in it – Bulla ki Jaana and after that massive hit everybody was expecting him to tread his usual lines to churn out some catchy tunes. Instead what he did was to bring out exemplary album. It did not create much furore as the first one did but there are some great songs in this album. And here is one among them.. enjoy!

Voice – The Musical Rang De Basanti

Posted in Bollywood, Indian Rock, Movies, Music, Pentagram, System, Vishal-Shekhar by clash on March 27, 2007

Pentagram the Indian – Electronic-Rock and now “punk” band is back with another album. I have listened to their earlier album – Up. Up had pretty well balanced songs with decent lyrics and music. As it was more of an electronic album than a rock album – it created more of squeaky, creaky and monotonous sounds. I used to listen to Up when i get back to bed, my thoughts and their creaky-squeaky sounds clash and i used to slip from thoughts to sound and sound to thoughts and finally in to slumber without much hassles. As usual, the tape was flicked by someone and then back to good old rock.

“Voice” the new single aired on VH1 caught my attention because there was a lot of hoopla behind it . VH1 and Nokia together wanted the audience to shoot a video for this single. It is nice way of cost reduction – wonder Vishal has done some 6 sigma course in streamlining processes involved in music to earn better profits out of it. The video which shows some incoherent clippings by some maniacs around the country and some quotes and captions floating across the screen. Quotes include – smoking kills, no reservation, my voice and so on. Now that very well squares up the much needed social commitment, earning musicians should show.

After Rang de Basanti, the Indian entertainment industry never really ventured in to this very new arena of social changes and the valiant struggles involved in it. Though RDB proved to be a success, bollywood never had the guts to go in that direction. It is because of the unpredictability involved with the movie going masses. The trend ended there, with RDB. But now Pentagram is back with “voice” in a much cheaper and affordable way to kindle the revolutionary mindsets of the x-box crowd (Check the Video).

Lyrics of this song is also baffling. Definitely you will find people who will identify with this song. Now that should be the reason why VH1 is promoting this song and why Vishal- the lead singer of this band and very successful bollywood music director took the risk of making this album.


are we gonna ask the questions that scare me

I suppose, we need to constantly ask disturbing questions, ain’t it?

are we gonna break the bonds of silence –

Not really. if so, ain’t there so much of silence?

will i find the truth in my reflection –

How will you and me answer this, for, this should be a self inquisitive question.

will i see the meaning of my defiant –

Most probably not because we are not endowed with such a longevity

cuz there are words that must be said –

Enough and more!!

and there are words that must be heard

Very true – But whose, mine? Yours? or from those crowd in the video? Oh… no!

and that they’re not as really quite absurd

May be not, but the video doesn’t suggest so!

and there’s a footstep in the clouds

True, all i know is that, for sure, the crowd in the video doesn’t have their legs planted on earth!

and there is warmth in drops of rain

Hmm.. May be up there in the clouds, yes it might be warm – but down here rains have moulded themselves in to these devilish macho creatures wrecking havoc! it is not any more the light romantic drizzle!!

and there’s a meaning to the words i say

Are you talking about the gringopalagos caviar and cataviore salad??

i need a voice now

Oh… i am helpless

come be my voice now

Me?? No way!!

find me a voice now …. yeah

Helpless.. again…

come be my voice now

Me?? No way!!

give me that choice now

Hey what the heck? I thought choice is the buzzword of this century!

you be my voice now

Bhaaak Saale.. Voice..!!


I thought i will disect this song-Lyrics in black, Comments in red. I dont have any kind of business interest in flogging this venture. I dont beleive in this song, its motive – selling “voices” for better choices, against reservation, against smoking, against the so called system that tolerates and accomodates everyone. Yes it is repressive and chaotic but it moves on taking time to dole out justice and equality. There is another section of crowd who have been waiting for years and years – always scorened at, who beleives in myth and magic and reel out of poverty. Voice & Choice is not all “Voices” ,for, i beleive – it is not me who needs a voice but someone else . This is only the musical Rang De Basanti!! I am hoping to see some crowd back on streets and occasional mails thronging my inbox quoting Pentagram!

Kozhikkode.. not much.. but..

Posted in Football, Kozhikkode, Music by clash on December 13, 2006

Etched are reminiscences of a rich tradition and history in the lanes of this city. I have always walked in S.M. street and adjoining places, noticing the 1st storey of the old buildings that are dotted in these narrow lanes. I have always noticed: there are glitzy shops in the ground floors of these old structures; (one among them is the Standard Watch Co; in SM street; a glitzy salwar shop occupies the ground floor and on the dilapidated 1st floor, this watch repairing shop) Everything new occupy the ground floor as if it shows a reluctance to encroach the past. It is a place where some dilapidation stands as direction sign to the glorious past, resting on top of this peripheral glitz; they are the structures that lived centuries; many were libraries; some coffee shops and the walls of some of these places would have witnessed the Ghazal nights and gatherings of that sort in these places. Have always wondered about these places and have looked upon them with great curiosity; but due to my inability, never could gather more info about this unearthly abodes! I am not being a retrograde by wanting those dilapidated structures there anymore; but they push me in to sudden reality; it just makes me remember the evolution of city. It makes me realize and draw a picture of my life; where I lived.

This sleepy town was the fulcrum of trade that happened between kerala and middle east, how can miss china? Because all i am going to tell is about China. Beypore port which makes Uru’s (Huge sea vessels) still sell some of them to customers on the other-side of Arabian Sea. Zengh-He, a Chinese ( Eunuch-Muslim, Truth thy information ) admiral, who belonged to Ming dynasty, who now is being considered as one of the pioneer sea man, visited the shores of calicut many a times. Though not much of what Zeng-He did and created is not any more; but nuances is what make history gripping, thus calicut also doesn’t seem to be out of this. In this; article, it says the spice bazaar in calicut operates its costing not on computers but with hands with a kerchief covering this process. Security?? Unix?? This queer way of costing was devised by the Chinese and locals to over come the barrier of language! Necessity is the mother of invention; any arguments? courtesy: praveen. Western travellers; Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo also did land in Kozhikkode and the scriptures left over by them explain it better than anyone .All these very well make a brief about the history of kerala, which for sure is not recorded any school text book out there.

Music and Food is also a speciality of this sleepy coastal town; where Vasco De Gama descended and this incident which is supposedly an ungracious day in the history of this nation. Ghazal masters and the great Baburaj, Kozhikkode Abdul Khader and many of them, who made mark in the film industry and literature hail from Kozhikkode. The kozhikkodan biryani is a delicacy which can explain a lot about the varied cultural influences and evolution that happened in the city. It has always helped and promoted its distinguished sons and daughters. On the intellectual map of kerala Kozhikkode holds a place which is undeniably great. Attempts to sabotage this- known-truths about the cultural tolerance and acceptance that people in kozhikkode hold is well ,an ongoing practice and it has culminated bloody sectarian violence in places like Marad; which in fact was a bloody stamp and drub on this city’s secular face. Music, food and sports have always stood across these differences and has been enjoyed by everyone discerning caste and creed.

Intellectuals are an important part of kerala society. There is a chunk of them in calicut too; who argues and theorizes from Shakespeare to Karl Marx. I have been lucky enough to know an awful lot of them. In Alakapuri bar, former Meriya Bar ; Nalanda Hotel (Not that i was binging around in all these bar’s, consider that i was or is a conscience keeper of this lot) and these kind of places witness these kind of argu-theorizing sessions. All well and good; it all ends in Marx and if someone is “out of that marxist box” might even suffer an “intellectual besieging” – That person is not any,more sought after in these sessions. Differences are many and rivalries are too much. All of these might get a saucy turn; when the “spirits” are on. Some of them; theorize sitting right in the middle of the city; SI apartments (Near fathima hospital!). I wont call them; being in an ivory tower because they are not entitled to be addressed so. Topics range from Pasolini to the importance/impulse of diving states in India Linguistically. These questions are not asked on their own; everything is explained and argued and deconstructed in the shadow of politics and in the end inevitably Marx. So Khasakinte Ithisaam became a Bourgeoisie novel; Pinarayi vijayan is a social democrat; dividing states linguistically affected revolutionary movements that were present at that time, Europe is disillusioned that; they can compliment Human-work force by technology as there is a shortfall in birthrates and so on.

Football is quintessential for any one in kozhikkode; Worldcup 2006 did witness a glitzy display of support for different nations; that are dotted on different continents. I have always noticed a particular affinity for Argentina in kozhikkode. Maradona did the trick, for sure. Brazil too have many supporters and EPL did help England garnering some support base too. I remember some matches i watched in the corporation stadium; the gala atmosphere with packed stands witness; timely betting for the first goal scorer;first corner and what not. People in kozhikkode for sure immerse themselves in Football. Calicut has produced greats like Olympian Abdurahiman and so on. Bureaucratic hurdles have always mulled this game to develop over the years. When sevens (A game of football, where there will be 7 members in a team) seasons starts off in Kozhikkode and the adjacent district Malappuram, Players from various African Nation’s descend in Kozhikkode and they will timely picked up by club officials and sign them on for a season. I have watched this affair with utmost curiosity, as they come down knowing the season, but not invited by the clubs. They are picked from the Railway Station as they get down!

My life and my knowledge about Kozhikkode is limited; These days it has almost shrunk to home-Kidson Corner-home-Relatives home-home. I might have missed out on lot; there will be more to add; issues to forget and learn from, but it is a facscinating sea-town with Kalanthans for sharja Shake, mananchira square for a mild nap for hundreds; Cee pee cool bar for Faluda; and for all those fried an broasted chickens- a Chick King too. (Not much, but nice!!)

I …..

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• Hate them, who doesn’t know anything about sports, but play pool
• Hate them, who listen to devotional songs, for I believe it is an industry, which makes millions and I don’t like tripping on divinity.
• Hate them, if they don’t have tinge of politics in them
• Hate them, if they trip on trance and beats, for they miss the poetry in the songs.
• I hate people tripping on love songs for love is not quintessential.
• Hate people who admire Dileep- a Malayalam actor, for he is scum and he represents the awkward degradation kerala society ever seen. I think he is the flag bearer of half baked un-situational comedies with vulgar language and mimicry.
• Hate them, who still think Mohan lal is the romantic star.
• Hate them, if they don’t sympathize with Mr. Zidane, for I believe his act was not cabal, but an act of valor, for anyone with self respect would have done that.
• Hate them, if they tell Nehru is a womanizer, for they don’t have the sense to perceive that India stands so ahead in the world because of a visionary like Nehru
• Hate them, who ask “who among listens to rock music these days? Nope… No one, so let’s talk about Dido” and then squares their lips to crack joke with a precarious way of placing the letters and compare Dido, with Dodo. Not that I Love Dido, all these efforts cause a lot of ruckus in the public and it did irritate some flying souls.

For that matter I can only get along with very few people, that includes some i like and some, i have taken a decision to get along with.

cheap n mean- mail to a friend

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There is nothing much happening in life, just that im in punjab doing an MBA, anyway this dont appeal me much after a week of stay in this place, coz this place is totally devoid of southies (they are not quintessential though!).. no one man.. jst have 2 friends in a manipuri (listens to rock!,gets out with 5 mugs of draught beer, two timed with his gal and badly needs to patch up with her!) and an oriya guy(ummm.. nice guy.. got a very composed outlook towards life, i presume!). rest all are punjabi munda’s. flashy and sensless they are i swear! (quoting an oriya senior : they have “gussa” inside their head and “dimaag” in ass). then its fine.. going on.. as i dont stand any other chance in my life(i do, i think… not very sure too!!), i have to cope up with this and move on.. now there are lot of cheesy busty-buxom gals.. in this place.. u can see cleavages,navels and things without much fight, like what we had to, in south.. so jerk off n sleep! now that makes the end of the day tiresome,blissful n wonderful – yawn- to bed- some flicker in dreams!


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Off to Punjab tomorrow..

Listening to thin lizzy: Thin Lizzy, a great band from Ireland, a land whos tradition is affiliated with the birth of legends. Even though, Rory Gallagher is the favorite artist for the Irish, Phil Lynnot’s band was also popular and it is still twenty years after its break-up.Thin Lizzy was one of the most influential bands of all time hailed by a variety of musicians belonging to different musical styles. For example, Thin Lizzy was covered by Skyclad, Iron Maiden and Metallica, just to name a few. Their songs and albums stood the test of time leaving a valuable heritage behind them.


KUDOS for all comrades who disrupted the counseling for kerala medical and engi: seats!

more than an year of suffocation is nearly choking me to death…(living in home,not that i hate being here.But due to some particular feelings that arise in my mind when im here.I feel disgusted..)

no I don’t know whether I will be blogging anymore…I don’t know what is it going to be like in Punjab.Only one thing “i just don’t want to fuck it up”

thanks to all books that enlightened and prolonged my life…Animal farm, catcher in the rye,jail bird,the story teller, traveling with che guevera……

thanks to all cats and kittens in my home.I will miss u ppl… 😦

thanks to all programs in BBC,travel&living,NDTV and at times history channel Programs like “USA was here”,”the big fight”,”globe trekker”Ian wright :)-, “we the people”,”history rocks”

thanks to all music that i collected from college…. uff!! songs did bring some relief at times..

thanks to the editor of “THE HINDU” :goodness grace! that u ppl had a tie up with GUARDIAN… FRIEDMAN sucks.. KRUGMAN rocks! SAINATH.. great as always.. the new make over… evrything.. i gobbled… :)- i hope i will get to read the hindu in punjab too..

thanks to “FRONTLINE” : jhon cherian rocks.. all the information that enlightened me…

thanks to “TEHELKA”, economic and political weekly,montly review…

thanks to bharath and pandey who accomodated me in their rooms during my innumerable visits to college…

thanks to anand who descended to calicut after his short stint in banglore, his presence brightened up things a bit.. though u fcked it up by givin my no: to someone my folks hate… kewl…

thanks to robin who accompanied me during…..

thanks to all my friends..viv,venki,sreeni… and all organisms around who supported and cared for me..

last but not the least “THANKS TO MY FOLKS” for bearing me for all this while.. constantly correcting,scolding and helping me to get back a rythm for my life which i had lost.

ba bye kerala….


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As gabriel garcia marquez is the man of the moment with our manchu leading the way reading 2 of his classics and many more of us drooling over his works.. i thought i shud not be out of the race! there im with “living to tell a tale” the first book of his auto-biographical trilogy.
Im sure for the last 4 days anywhere in the world nobody would have spoken about books, geo-politics, music as we 4 did. thats y, i always make sure to make a comment “i just love being with our guyzzzz” . we 4 had a unanimous opinion that “frontline” is the best mag in india, “the hindu” is the best newspaper in india.. now aint that sound weird?? we talked abt evolution, 100 yrs of solitude, robert redford, tomhanks, RATM, india-china-russia tie up, ways to ambush bush, salma hayek, angelina jolie( FUNNY IT WAS.. WE WERE TALKING ABT HER TATOO OF BILLY BOB ON HER TUMMY AND BRAD PITT OR HER NEW B/F SEEIN IT WHEN HE IS MAKING LOVE TO HER!!), brad pitt, will russia turn out to be a country with putin the dictator, one of us dint want to visit egypt coz of the tyrannical rule by Hosni Mubarak.. Lighting (chunds claim that u turn out to be a heap of ash when it strikes u!!, ofcourse we raped him!!) and things…. whoaa.. i loved it…


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morning jolt! this word has a special place in my heart! coz life was ridden with jolts in NIT. morning,afternoon,night.. sometimes round the clock jolts.. but after leaving college, rarely did i have any morning jolts except sometimes in b’lore… but today morning i sheepishly strolled in to my toilet to fume it.. as the fumes strolled their way up and was so clear in the morning sunlight that barged in to the toilet!.. i heard some music.. what i heard still sounds like an illusion to me.. i heard duu duuu.. i was like duhh duh.. coz from my forsaken neighbourhood on a fine morning i hear duu?? nope.. no way i thought..

as i got out of the toilet i could hear the “duu” so clearly, i rushed to my compound wall.. now i cud hear the duu clearly.. it was nothing else.. “du hast”!! awe struck for 2 mins, i had bout of asphyxiation.. though many a times i had convinced myself that things do go weird that at times it can create indigestion! but not asphyxiation! anyway i myself sighed and told “what the hell am i hearing??” anyway heard is heard.. i was so happy that things are turning out to be brighter in my forsaken neighbourhood.. :)- and the irony is that the house from i heard this, i rarely hear music and all of a sudden i realised its easter tommorrow and may be a small time happiness that engrossed the family induced the 10th std kid out there to play music! but “du hast” was a bit too much.. a house from which i have heard melliflous songs of yesudas and at times some boney m!

sometimes u have to beleive whatever u hear too.. which im doing the most these days!