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A short note on Eduardo Da Silva’s departure

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football by clash on July 24, 2010


Eduardo or dudu as he was fondly known has left Arsenal for  Shakhtar donetsk .

I came to know of him through the comments section of a blog. The records stated there genuinely prompted me to check  Youtube for his videos, such were the records. The irony was that the  poster of the comment suggested him as a replacement as for the mercurial Theirry Henry who left for Barcelona and the supporters were mired in a striker conundrum. His signing was a pleasant surprise and it would be thoroughly unjustifiable to say, he did not live up to his past hype at Arsenal.

He was gradually eased in to the team after playing some early Champions League qualifying  matches and cup matches where he scored some beauties. I remember a super goal he scored in the Carling Cup against Sheffield United. He then went on to score an array of goals, the one against Manchester City being my personal favorite.

The affable character soon became a favorite among the Arsenal faithful.  As his career was cruising in the Arsenal garb, misfortune struck him and that was a fateful blow for his blossoming Arsenal career. In Martin Taylor came his nemesis as a barbaric hack from the Birmingham player crushed Eduardo’s leg bones.

It took him considerable time to recover from that horror tackle and return to normal playing. He made a stunning come back in the FA Cup scoring 2 goals against Cardiff, and then another peach of a goal,  an audacious lithe kick in another match and asserted his class a supreme forward. He then suffered a series of niggles, the aftermath of that horrendous tackle and the subsequent recovery from it. A diving controversy which ensued after the match against Celtic also did not help his return back to normalcy.

The Wikipedia entry shows his tally for 2009-2010 season, he has scored 7 and  has 7 assists. if you compare that with the numbers Nicklas Bendtner has notched up for the last season,they stand equal at the number of assists even though the Dane has scored 12 goals. His quality is undeniable but with the arrival of  Marouane Chamakh Eduardo’s opportunities would be less and if the Ukrainian league is a bit more sophisticated than the barbaric EPL, he would be a success for Shakthar.

This note should not be ending here. Eduardo is sort of a martyr,  a victim of English thuggery that stages week in and week out in the English Premier League. The same mediocrity which finds out the English national team in international arena. To quote  A Cultured left foot, the same arsenal blog which i  strongly suspect introduced me  to Eduardo.

His departure is a signal to the apologists of Taylor, Shawcross and their ilk. Here was a natural predator, a relative unknown on these shores who should have been lauded for his goalscoring feats. Instead the neanderthal mentality which blights the national team has robbed us of a chance of witnessing Eduardo’s growth into that player. Sadly he will not be the last until the apologists change their views and condemn actions, and more importantly, the authorities come up with a suitably severe punishment for transgressors.

Well,that sums it all. I am deeply moved by his departure but that doesn’t stop me from wishing Dudu – “All the Best”. This has turned out to be a long note about Eduardo rather than a short ones as the title misleads. But then, a few extra words for an excellent player and great human being is never a waste.

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