Corporate Social Negligence!

Theorizing a Collapse

Posted in America, dream, Globalisation, politics, republican, System, War by clash on May 26, 2010

Is there something called a Collapse Theory? After all why do we need a theory for collapse?

Now, it looks like there is something called a Collapse Theory and Dmitry Orlov is one who theorizes a collapse. It doesn’t seem to be a very nice job, he himself admits it but his ideas are too interesting to avoid them.

I came across an article written about Orlov a month ago. I was immediately impressed by his ideas and thoughts. Probably the articles could strike a note with the streak of eternal pessimism in me.

It has to be said that it is not all gloom and doom. Orlov’s remark about WSJ is too funny to ignore :

My grandfather had a donkey while he was living in Tashkent in Central Asia during World War II. There was nothing much for the donkey to eat, but, as a member of the Communist Party, my grandfather had a subscription to Pravda, the Communist Party newspaper, and so that’s what the donkey ate. Apparently, donkeys can digest any kind of cellulose, even when it’s loaded with communist propaganda. If I had a donkey, I would feed it the Wall Street Journal.

I have not had time to read up a lot of his entries on his blog yet, but i have bookmarked it and occasionally visits the blog to see if any new entries come up.

The latest of the entries comparing the BP oil spill and Chernobyl is very interesting. His take on best practices for social collapse is further more interesting.

It has to be said that post soviet theorists/philosophers have a charm, they connect to the masses much more easier than the straight jacketed European intelligentsia or that is what i feel. I am not exactly the one to comment on this as my knowledge on this is fairly terrible. Be it Zizek or Orlov, i feel they are less intense in the way they put forth their ideas and draw parallels from the popular culture to explain their ideas, which i find to be very interesting.

Read more of Orlov here : ClubOrlov

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