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The curios case of Emmanuel Eboue

Posted in Arsenal by clash on March 10, 2010

So Arsenal blanked Porto 5-0 at Emirates.

Nikki B and Samir Nasri are very much the talk of the day for their exploits. While both of them did play vital role in the 5-0 mauling of Porto, there is a player who has skipped the attention of many – Emmanuel Eboue.

Eboue came in as a substitute for Rosicky in the 60th minute or so and slotted in a fine goal. Yes, this is the same Eboue who got booed by Arsenal supporters last season. After that night mare spell, Eboue has turned corners.

He has been brilliant in all the matches he appeared this season and this goal is a mere icing on the cake.

His introduction in the team opens up a plethora of options when we go forward, sadly we lack the same penetrative power when we play Sagna as the right back.

Arshavin’s brilliant counter attacking run resulted in Eboue’s goal yeaterday. He slotted in the goal with aplomb, any centre forward would love to score such a goal.

Most of us had written off Eboue last season. Couple of dismal performances and we all beleived that he cannot get a starting place in this present starting 11. Now it looks like, if he is going continue his hot streak, he will grab some matches from Sagna and replace him or will slot in as a right sided player in the team.

His remarkable turn around as a player is a typical example of patience paying off for the manager. The manager had his faith in the player and he is repaying it with stellar performances these days. He started his career with Arsenal as a right back and now he has played in almost all the positions on the pitch. There is no doubt that he has the ability to pull of this constant change in positions. This season, no matter where ever he was placed in the line up, he has managed to put up fine performances.

Eboue is an asset to this team. An absolute team player, who can pitch in for anyone at any moment. He can defend, he can carry out searing attacks through the flanks, can produce some flashy moments and on top of that he can score goals too.

Eboue staying fit will be very important for our premiership run in. With Walcott slowly getting back to fine form, that right hand side looks to be lethal.


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