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BMS Hartal….

Posted in India, Terrorism by clash on December 29, 2009

BMS who?

Yes, this would have been the reaction of a lot, when BMS called for an Hartal in Kerala. BMS is truly an alien organization for majority of Malayalees. If it was not, i wish, it was.

Leave alone BMS, their parent organization – BJP, has not managed to make an electoral break through in Kerala so far.

All of us know BJP. Thanks to their communal politics, their fervor to induce differences based on religion and of course the recent debacle in the latest parliamentary elections and the subsequent problems they faced as an organization.

I still believe BJP will struggle to make a mark in Kerala electorally in any near future but they seems to be having quite a different take on this. Today’s hartal called by BMS is a primer in terms of that ambition.

The political landscape of Kerala is a bit slimy off late. The ruling left coalition has been drawn in to innumerable controversies this time around. Some of them as a result of deft politics being played by the opposition and others which are genuine issues. In both cases, the left coalition has been exposed quite a few times.

Add to this, the open political “understanding” the left cut out during the last parliamentary elections with the controversial Maudani and the soap operasque affairs that is unfolding after Thadiyantavide Nazir, an alleged Malayali terrorist who was caught by police hiding in Bangladesh.

While Nazir’s capture is indeed a breakthrough in many of the small and big terror cases in the state and the neighboring ones, his confessionary statements are not doing any good to Maudani and his party. Maudani’s wife – Soofiya, who was arrested and then released on bail has been allegedly been mentioned in Nazir’s confessionary statements. Soofiya, it seems, conspired along with Nazir for burning a Tamil Nadu State transport corporation bus in Kochi.

While Soofiyas involvement in the case was quite evident right from the beginning, it took almost 7 years or so to arrest her. The goverment was reluctant to nab the 10th accused Soofiya. Based on Nazir’s statements and some what succumbing to media pressure, the home minister revealed that, to “refurbish” the image of the government,  Soofiya is being arrested and she was.

While Madauni’s approach to all this was the scariest and despicable. He kept on rambling that his was being ‘framed” by the government and there is high level conspiracy against him and his party. He did not stop there, his ugliest self was at its best when he claimed that “it was for the first time in India a purdah clad Muslim house wife is being arrested”.  Utter shite and a deliberate attempt to subvert the charge against his wife and instantly communalise it.

We always had a false sense of security and harmony, which we carried for a long long time. As a matter of fact, the state had been quite tolerant and sensible when it comes to inter-religious cohabitation and to an extent was largely secular in its nature.  While the situation has changed in the last 2 decades, we have been quite late in realizing this transition. For almost everyone that i know, it was rude shock when the news of Malayalees getting killed in Kashmir came out. This incident was followed by several investigations and revelations, which would aptly fit in the frames of a nightmare.

While the hindutva terror was contained by left, sometimes turning very ugly in terms of causality, the Muslim one seems to have slipped out of attention.(congress to an extent is against “hindutva”) .If people feels that the government is not taking appropriate measures to tackle the tentacles of terror, things will take an ugly turn. The communally precarious situation that it is, there are people who are waiting to capitalize this.

In comes BJP, of all the states in India, the BJP camp in Kerala is quite upbeat. They are relishing the arrests of Soofiya,Nazir and any Muslim who seems to have connections to this terror network as they find this as an opportunity to emphasize and establish themselves in Kerala. They are eager to prove their points, which they have been blathering in vain for quite a long time in kerala. (Mostly petulant ones.) They are hoping to mobilize that essential Hindu votes to make an electoral breakthrough.

Politically it may sound like a very naive proposition. The ramifications of such a thrust from BJP could lead to serious dents in our state’s secular framework.

For me, the BMS hartal was a trial and error  iteration performed by the BJP state unit. They wanted to know the response of people for a hartal called by BMS, which for many us is a nondescript organization.  Some acquaintances on Twitter even confirmed that they are hearing about the organization for the very first time. So to an extent, the ploy worked but with a cost.

The sentiments prevailing against hartal in Kerala is quite obvious even though there will be a few, who enjoy a good holiday, a good drink (In kerala context, i think it would be appropriate to say “drinks” than “a good drink”), some precious time with the family and so on. Add to that a number of “55” KSRTC buses that were stoned, which is now being bleated all over the media.

People know BMS now.

Will that help BJP in anyway?

I think, they have a lot to do organizationally to break in to the fray. They are trying hard.

I hope, it never happens.

It should never happen.

oh..yes, by the way..i am one of those ‘pseudos”.

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