Corporate Social Negligence!

After the Villa match and before the Portsmouth one.

Posted in Arsenal, soccer by clash on December 29, 2009

A few points that i am concerned with the whole media ga-ga about the Villa match.

While i completely agree that cesc was fabstatic during the cameo appearance of 28 mins, it is important to note that the team as a whole did put up a spirited display that evening.

It is completely tosh, if anyone is trying to tell me that Villa contained us in the first half. From what i saw, they did not contain us, but had difficulties in controlling us.

We played to our strengths, our midfield devoid of Cesc put up a decent show. Villas midfield was surely undone by our quality.

While i felt, we did not create enough chances in the first half because of Denilson’s more defensive minded play. It really restricted us from having a few more chances in the game.

Even then, in the first half we created the opportunities while our keeper Almunia was hardly tested in the first half.

ESPN pundit, Maasssa blathered that we were trying to play in to Villa’s tactics in the half time analysis. Probably he needed to take a look at our bench before he made that statement.

Cesc was introduced, and from then on i dont remember a single ball being played in to our half. We were just mounting pressure on them. It was quite crazy.

If someone is doing a case study about quality, you can really cite Fabregas’s cameo as an example. Such was the difference he made to a team, which was effective but failed to create enough chances till his introduction.

Villa simply doesn’t have the class or quality to match up with Arsenal. I did not see anything spectacular about the Villa team, who were receiving plaudits from all and sundry before th Emirates duel. They did have a good run, but yet again it was confirmed, in this edition of league, anyone can be exposed of  their frailties any where.

With chelsea dropping points, we really had to win this match and so did we. The important part will be continuing this run. The coming matches have to be approached with utmost sincerity and importance. Hope, the team would stand up to this moment.

All together it looks like a wonderful ending to 2009 footballistically.

Apart from Arsenal, the Indian press have gone ga ga about the year 2009 for Indian Football. While there has been some heart warming achievements in 2009, i am not getting carried away. There is quite a long way to go.

I have to say, there is a sense of optimism among the Indianfootball fans. The two full decades i have lived, i did not have such a feeling about Indianfootball, apart from what i am experiencing right now. Nice, aint it?

This looks to be the last blog post in 2009.

Welcoming 2010, by wishing one and everyone a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

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