Corporate Social Negligence!

Kerala is simmering….

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on December 16, 2009

Kerala is simmering…. people are being caught and questioned for alleged terror links. Then there is PDP chairman Madani’s wife Soofiya Madhani who seemed to have received calls from Thadiyantavide Nazeer,  a terrorist who was nabbed by Bangladesh police and later on handed over to India, while he was hiding in Bangladesh.

His revelations are quite unbelievable for any sane Malayali but potentially those revelations could have bigger ramifications.  In terms of communal polarization, casting a particular religion in bad light and so on.

While the politicians have started washing their dirty linen in public hurling allegations at each other and some trying to extract the maximum out of the situation and so on. But there is still hope.

While i was browsing internet, i came across brilliant posts by sane muslims  and Hindus who are totally against the radical stance and the people who are supporting it.

All the posts are in Malayalam and they are very very well written.

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