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The absence of Abou Diaby….

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer by clash on November 24, 2009

Tim Collings, of UK has written an article about Carlos Vela, about whether he will be able to live up to the expectations of Arsene, that he is of Robbie Fowler mode.

Subsequently he talks about the jittery Sunderland match, the team had and elicit some of the issues that is niggling arsenal’ form now. I am not even sure, you could term the sunderland bungle a serious dent in form, as it was a defeat that came after a long streak of 14 games unbeaten.

One of the reasons that he mentions is the absence of Abou Diaby in the team. Diaby had a long run in the team this season and occasionally most Arsenal supporters have questioned his uselessness in the middle of the pitch. When we missed him for the last match, it was quite evident what was lacking in the middle of the pitch. For me, it was obvious – Abou Diaby. I am happy that, at least his absence made me realize, what contribution he makes to arsenal’s solidity while playing a 4-3-3.

And here, Tim Collings puts it in the right words…..

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And, dare it be said, it is the continued absence of Abou Diaby, through injury, that has coincided with this slip in form. He may not be the eye-catching, perfectionist in a team of ball-jugglers, but his rangy style, long-legged tackling and covering and awkwardness in possession gives Arsenal a physical presence in midfield that was missed sorely last weekend. Like Alex Song, he does a lot of the team’s dirty work.
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