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Kerala Volleyball League (KVL)

Posted in India, Kerala, Kozhikkode, sports by clash on November 18, 2009

Kerala Volleyball League (KVL) is here.

The advert is a decent one with pathetic  music. Inspite of all these, kudos goes to Volleyball association of kerala. At least they are striving to make something happen and that clearly is a different path, compared to their other counterparts.

Mamooty obviously adds to the glamor quotient.  Now, if he is what the game really lacked, then let him be there. I don’t really care.

I read about the format in which it is going to appear. 9 days, 16 matches and live telecast, that doesn’t sound bad at all.  It is happening in Kozhikode means, crowd is a sure bet for a match held under flood lights.  So the organizers don’t really have to bother about that.  Probably some more intense campaign through the FM Radios  that litter the air space with all kind of tosh at the moment in Kerala will help.

Anyway i am eagerly waiting for KVL to happen. There is a lot of potential to be tapped in sports other than cricket. If it is packaged well, i am sure it will happen. Fingers crossed!!

To cater to market demands, Indian international volleyballers like Kishore Kumar has changed their looks, which they think will attract more youngsters to this game.

He says ;  “We have to package ourselves better. Everybody is excited about the new league, suddenly all the players are charged up. And since actor Mammootty is the league’s brand ambassador, we will have big crowds since he has thousands of fans in Kozhikode and Malappuram.”

The game also has it fans!

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  1. Pigou said, on November 24, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Also some more media advts, media coverage in the appropriate circles in Middle East, Europe and US will definitely help…For sponsorships look to Life Insurance companies, global banks and telecom. It is time such alternate short action packed sports are packaged in India. A GREAT INITIATIVE….WISH the KVL all the success!!!!

  2. clash said, on November 24, 2009 at 11:49 am

    @ Pigou : Yes, i believe that sports other than cricket has a a market at least regionally.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed about this venture. the players are also equally thrilled about this. I hope it can revive another sport that is fast approaching oblivion!

    thanks for dropping in.. will continue updating about the happenings.

  3. clash said, on November 24, 2009 at 11:52 am

    a post i made on an orkut community about KVL :

    anyway i SMS’ed to the number they have displayed in the advert that is being aired on Malayalam Television channels.

    And to my surprise, KVL gave me call asking me what i am looking for.

    I queried them about live telecast and stuff like that. He told majors like Espn are interesting, which sounded a lil bit over the top but i am sure there are many local channels who are ready to air this event.

    Even though rumors are abound that some franchises will be from US, the representative from sports management company that is responsible for KVL asked me to pass on information to people who could be prospective franchise owners. That means, the franchises have not been yet sold off and he told a complete list would be out by then end of December, where the franchises are decided and telecaster is confirmed.

    anyway i really liked the way with which they are trying bring the game to the interested mass. i never expected them to call back but this has seriously increased my “feel good factor” for the upcoming KVL. Viva Kerala should take some cue from all these, as good PR is quintessential for any product to sell.

    i had a few suggestions to them too, i told them that it is very important to use social networking to promote the whole thing. He assured that they will be soon on Facebook soon

    i am really hoping that this venture kicks off. there is money to be made by packaging sports in a better way.

    join the facebook community for KVL here :

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