Corporate Social Negligence!

Subaltern twist!

Posted in America, Fidel Castro, Globalisation, Hugo chavez, Latin america, politics by clash on October 23, 2009

Upon stumbling on a footnote in Tariq Ali’s Pirates of the Caribbean – Axis of Hope , i came to know about Antonio Arguedas.  As you know Latin American political history, especially of the 60’s and 70’s,  is a confusing fresco of revolutionaries, counter -revolutionaries, dictators, army-generals and so on but this man’s case interested me quite a lot.

Antonio Arguedas was the minister of interior during the 1964–69 military dictatorship of Gen. René Barrientos. (Ok, it is a redundant info when it comes to Latin America.  Britannica says he was drafted in by CIA) . In 1965 Antonio Arguedas was influential in defeating the guerrilla uprisings happening in Bolivia led by Che Guvera, which eventually led to Che’s capture and the execution that followed. 

But by 1968 Antonio Arguedas had taken a different twist altogether. Disenchanted by the dictatorship of Gen. René Barrientos and the Cuban exiles, he arranged the personal diary of Che to be returned to Cuba and there by allowing the Cuban govt to publish the diary.

After sending the Diary to Cuba, he quit his ministry and had to hop around the world in fear of assassination and finally retreated to Cuba.  In 2000 the man was associated with a gang that kidnapped and ransomed wealthy Bolivians and eventually got killed by a bomb which exploded while he was carrying it.

Strange isnt it?

Here is an interesting article by  Richard Gott on Antonio Arguedas

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  1. Nikhil said, on October 26, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    Nice One! 🙂 Poetic Justice? (that’s a hawkish usage tho). But had Che not been killed then I guess the world politics would have been quite different with a Latin America that would have been ‘Liberated’, in the true essence of the word, many decades ago.

    One thing I ask myself again and again, “why America abhores Communism to the hilt, that they are willing to liquidate any sympathizers?” Isn’t that similar to ethnic cleansing like what Hitler did and what Israel and America are doing?

  2. clash said, on October 27, 2009 at 5:29 am

    Thank you nikhil for dropping in.

    every story has an under lying thread and i find them most interesting than story itself. some problem i suppose 😀

    If Che had succeeded in some areas, apart from the soviet redundant socialism there could have been altogether dynamic socialistic thought that would have thrived in Latin America. The scope for that was crushed by the assassination of Che.Even though Castro still holds on a creaky/rickety revolution in cuba, it is the source of inspiration and hope for the new age socialists that are cropping up in Latin America and it is very distinct from the one that happened to deteriorate in erst while soviet union and eastern Europe. China is harldy socialistic anymore.

    Coming to America’s abhorrence of Communism, it is just down to money making and profits. They are totally consumed by a different ideology and they religiously preach it either through coercion or through force. Latin America has been a backyard for them for a long long time for their neo-liberal circus and a sort of reversal is happening and is evident through the type of democratically leaders that are being elected these days.

    While i am typing this yet another radical left, former guerrilla leader is going to get elected in Uruguay.

    Latin America is a beacon hope for people who are relishing a dream of alternate world order.

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