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Kalavimarsham – 25 years on!

Posted in India, Kerala, Kozhikkode, politics by clash on September 22, 2009

kala vimarsha.

through my google reader feeds i stumbled upon this article, which talks about an article written by famous writer in Malayalam – N.S. Madhavan , who remembers an iconic book that appeared in Malayalam and the people who were influential in bringing out the book, especially late Dr.T.K. Ramachandran.

It is interesting to see the kind of interest that is being generated by this book – Kalavimarsham – oru Marxist manadhandam, which is still lying in one corner of my father’s book racks.

It is indeed with much pride that i can claim that my father is also mentioned in this article and he was very  much involved in bringing out this book.  and a few minutes back, i shared this news with my father and he noted that they were planning to republish the same with some more additions.

anyway i am not the right person to make any observations about the book because i have not read it but i have all the right to get enthused about my father who was also part of this venture.

N.S . Madhavan says,

what Kalavimarsham – oru Marxist manadhandam did was to get inspired by the thoughts of Marx, Lenin, Luckas, Althusser , Frankfurt school of thought and analyze the cultural life of a malayali. And that was one of an analysis as it covered almost everything that came across its path. Spirituality to strip cartoons to movies to poems to novels.

Okay, that was a terrible gist i could write about the article. If you are good at Malayalam, you can read the N.S . Madhavan article here.

oh. ho, before winding up the Ravindran that has been mentioned in the article is my maternal uncle.  more reason to get enthused!!

Due courtesy to M Mercutio and Bashaposhini weekly.

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  1. Rakesh said, on September 23, 2009 at 8:56 am

    So you are the only misfit then…haha!! 🙂

    nice one!!

  2. clash said, on September 23, 2009 at 9:53 am

    thanx for such encouraging words he he he… 😀

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