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man-city aftermath.

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on September 14, 2009

before i start off, let me explain. Every season i go in with lot of optimism but  i try to keep myself grounded always. When i say grounded, i mean i never expected us to win the league in any of the past 3 seasons. The same was for this season too. neither do i bleat about not winning anything for such a long while now. i am a content arsenal supporter, i would say.  I always felt, wenger managed the best with what is at his disposal and i still feel the same.

but the agony that strikes you as an immediate aftermath of the match, this time around after the man-city match i felt a bit too uneasy. you know why? i felt it was a very easily given up match and which exposed our lack of quality in certain positions. We went about playing the first 20 mins so light and easy and i did not see that urge and seriousness with which we should have gone in to this kind of a much hyped-up match with our so called 4-th position contenders. before the match there was enough taunt from Adebayor to get inspired from, whereas i found nothing of that solidarity or urge with the team to give adebayor and in general team’s critics a footballistic answer.

instead we went in to the match easy and nice, conceded the first goal, looked as puzzled as ever with that and then went on to concede a few more. Great!

Almunia was terrible at his attempt (or no attempt) to save the first goal and i think that seriously made the difference. I have never been all-through critic of any arsenal player as of now, but this time i felt utterly disgusted seeing that piece of goal keeping. then comes clichy with his errors, it is so funny to see one of the best defenders in the league switching himself off during a vital match and playing as if he has never played competitive footy in his life. Yes, one off day, the 1st match where he did not get his boot right, everything all right, but 3 costly errors and 3 goals? that is terribly dismal for player of his caliber. c’mon  gael, you can do better.

there is nothing much to talk about this match, the only positive i see from the match is the return of rosicky who took some deft touches, passes and scored a well taken goal too. stay fit mate, you are badly needed. Diaby et al needs no mention here so i am not going to take pain and type something about them with my rickety key-board.

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  1. thevickerman said, on September 22, 2009 at 11:35 am

    It was quite a strange game for Arsenal. I really thought they’d be up for it and give Man C (and Adabayor) the much needed step-motherly treatment. Didn’t expect it to go the other way.

    There’s still 1 more chance for them later. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Man U as usual seems to be doing fine no matter who they lose. Wonder what they feed those maniacs.

  2. clash said, on September 22, 2009 at 11:56 am

    It was a sad game from arsenal perspective. the team never turned up.

    Yes, waiting for the return leg.

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