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late night football is back!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on August 20, 2009

No, dont get confused by the title.

I am not all enthused about the fact that i need to catch football matches in the wee hours of night. Then again, some times it is worth the wait, it is worth the lack of sleep and on the other side,  some times it is terribly depressing that you find it difficult to grab some sleep after a defeat. ( That Arsenal – Liverpool Champ League Semi comes in to my mind!)

Anyway, the first late-night football adventure of this season, did not prove to be a catastrophic one. Arsenal played Celtic in Parkhead and a bum-goal and and own goal helped the team to be in a decent situation in the Champions League qualifiers. It will be a daunting task for Celtic to come to Emirates and outclass us there.

Some point to be mentioned.

I am not so happy about our supposed 4-3-3 formation.

Now it looks like i have to agree with Myles Palmer on this. The service that our forwards received was minimal, Neither Van Persie or Arshavin could make themselves count in this formation. Bendtner was an exception as he had a decent match, i thought.  But if this gives us a stable and effcient run with us scoring more from the midfield than playing all the way up to the opposition goal, i suppose we could move on with it.

Song and the new boy Vermaelen deserves a special mention here. Song has become more of a terrier, upped his ante, pace and positioning, nothing much has to be said about his strength.  At times in the 1st half i felt nothing gets past Song, he was there like a rock!

Vermaelen (still not sure of the correct spelling!) is turning out to be a good signing. Yeah, it is only 2 matches, very early in to the season to make an affirmative statement but his look, his eagerness, his reading of the game and that heart to throw in a strong challenge is what we missed in our defense last season. He defnitely has fallen in place in to the Arsenal back line.

So are we all ready to challenge the title? I think we still can have some 1 or 2 signings. We can really get a good defender and a holding midfielder, i suppose but that decision is up to the manager. Obviously there has been a change from our perspective this time around. We are taking more and more chances from outside the box than passing it all the way to the opposition goal. Some what a quest for efficiency is over powering our style, that is a good sign indeed.

Hoping that we tread on till the end of season like this.

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