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Status Update – July 09!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on July 21, 2009

The Arjuna and Khel Ratna Awards have been announced and there is a not-s0-new absence of footballers in the list. It doesn’t matter if they have won AFC challenge Cup last year. I suppose nothing matters in India if it is football.

Mind you we have a Sports Minister who likes to belt speeches about the game of the masses that is football and what not.  He did not spare an opportunity the last time around to take a dig at our footballers too.

It seems only our former India captain Syed Nayeemuddin spoke in favor of the footballers in the committee that decided the awards. The rest  i suppose didnt even know that football is being played in India.

How will golf playing bureaucrats know about footballers? I have not yet picked the number of golfers in the awards list. I am sure there will be couple of them there and how many in India play golf and how many play football?

Oh.. that is it about the neglect and what not about football in India.  Nonetheless because of Bob-Houghton’s obstinacy the team is training their asses off in Camp Nou. Let us have some hope and belief that, upon returning they will give us some jaw-dropping results.

The other news is that Adebayooor has been signed by Manchester City.  The lure of money is much more than what i expected it to be. There was no big clubs lining up behind him this summer. I think Man City was the only option before him.  Anyway he is gone. I was a closet Adebayoor fan. There is no point thinking about him anymore.

Now it looks like, after the black-hole that is Real Madrid in La Liga,  The Abu Dhabi powered Man City is turning out to be the one in Premier League.  They seem to be sucking in everything that comes by. Hmpf!

Monsieur Wenger has re-iterated his share of cynicism that football will soon be hit by recession.  If my memory is precise, he uttered the same concern last time around when the team went for pre-season at Barnet. May be all those not-so-plush surroundings at barnet gives the manager a reality jolt. Then again, it is an “ok” way to placate the ever grumbling Arsenal fans.

Pundits and cynics have already made up their mind that Man City will be skinning Arsenal to steal a place in the top 4. With all due respect to the players who have signed for them, i really dont think they will pose a threat to the top 4. If at all someone challenges the top 4 spot it will be the hard working Everton and Aston Villa. Villa doesnt have the adequate  squad to pose a sustained challenge, although i have not paid any attention towards their recruits, this summer. Have they recruited anyone? I wonder.  I presume a big disaster is awaiting Mark Hughes and that will be an imploding Man City. Let the show begin!

Update : Samir Nasri is out of action for 3 months as he breaks his leg during training.

So thats it for now!

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