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Why CPIM lost in Kerala?

Posted in Globalisation, India, Kerala, Kozhikkode by clash on June 5, 2009

Reading up a lot of tosh about that “devilish laugh” our very own Achu Mama sported after the election debacle of left in Kerala. Blogdom is awash with articles which accuse him of being a traitor and sort.  In his political career  there would have been instances in which the CM adjusted himself to safeguard his position, there is not much of debate about this. The kind of allegations that are hurled at him are juvenile and cornering him as the sole reason for the election debacle shows left’s incapability  in understanding the ground reality.

I would like to make a simple point here. The CPIM leadership which mostly have leaders from Kannur were bound to undergo a paradigm shift in their tendencies when absolute power came in to their hands. Crucial is to know; how all these leaders from Kannur grew up to take over the mantle from their  much respected predecessors. Most of them simply don’t have a history of leading mass struggles or any agitations, neither are they shrewd tacticians, they grew up countering the violent tendencies of RSS in Kannur. They played  a tit-for-tat game in Kannur against BJP/RSS and at times against NDF, congress and sorts, engaging in a very violent form of political struggle. This was definitely a challenge and i am not trying to belittle the effort of this violent struggle. I consider it as a struggle against virulent fundamentalism which often took vicious and violent forms.

What they engaged was not in mass struggles, agitations or shrewd politics but they involved in some sort of a brazen mafiosi style politics and now the Mafiosi nature have subsumed CPIM with these leaders at the helm.  The sheer arrogance in which they deal in public and the kind of alliances they forge are above the top of a common man. The local leadership also have undergone a massive transformation, local leaders being brazenly corrupt and sorts. With the “old timers” fading out, i would say there was not enough corrective force inside the party  and that is proving very dangerous.

With absolute power this Mafiosi culture have eaten up in to their values and  the ways of working.  The party-entertainment channel was a good enough platform for these new breeds to roll their dice. In doing  so they co-habited with rich nefarious elements, seeking help to raise and  rear the channel.  That was ambitious but for the party it was  fatal.  It was inevitable to accomodate the interests of these elements  and no-sooner was the party in the midst of all contoversies. Allegations have quite often cropped up in the state against indulgence of relatives of various ministers in nefarious activities during this CPIM tenure.

A very bad tendency for a Marxist-Leninist party and while all these issues are still overlooked, there is a bunch who are beating around the bush trying to corner Achuthanathan,  trying to deduce  the meaning of his “devilish laugh”.

So what are these malayali bloggers saying? that Achuthanathan should not have expressed his apprehension about the SNC-Lavalin corruption case?  Whatever are the figures propagated to ascertain their stance is complete ly tosh. If CPIM  got drubbed this time around, it was because of their way of functioning and absolute disregard to the people who voted them to power last time around with absolute majority.  People have been constantly watching the diligence with which party machinery has been torpedoing every efforts of  CM who is an outsider in  this mafiosi gang.

To square it all, check this interview with Abdur Rezzak Mollah a CPIM cabinet minister in Bengal. He puts it quite straight-forward, if CPIM is to gain the ground back they have to transform and change it attitude. Though it might be difficult to draw parallels between Bengal and Kerala dues to the obvious differences that exist, the interview make it quite clear – there needs to be a change in the attitude of CPIM, simple.

More over it will be very nice if the leadership Kerala understands that everything is not a conspiracy by CIA!

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  1. Jayadeep Purushothaman said, on June 11, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Right on about the way the current crop of CPM leadership came up the ladder. They never went after any serious issues that mattered to people. They were really stupid in getting in the killing game that the top leadership still don’t denounce. RSS or BJP had nothing to loose and Vijayan and Kodiyeri fell into that trap encouraging the goondas around them. They also fought against the wrong issues(eg: computerization) and alienated people who has the ability to think or were not brainwashed. It is unfortunate that there are still significant people who are in the brainwashed category in Kannur district. Party is after money and the big bosses are looking more like greedy businessman than politicians. It is unfortunate that a party which was behind many of the social reforms are bereft of leaders who care for the lives of the common man. It may also be the marxist command-and-control regime that has lost its bearings.

  2. clash said, on June 11, 2009 at 9:15 am

    It would be very crass and stupid of us to belittle the struggle of CPIM against the violent RSS goons. I still believe it is a very crucial struggle which the party is still waging on. Let us not get carried away and dismiss this. It only gives the fundamentalist twats a leeway.

    The problem here is that the nature of such a struggle. It was inevitable that this kind of struggle would cough up a mafia style of functioning which is quite necessary to wage on such a fight. While the party lacked corrective forces inside it to channelize this struggle in to a legitimate political will. It did not happen. Instead of this, the mafia culture and style of functioning subsumed the party.

    Smeared with neo-liberal tendencies that soon started gaining foothold in the party, a deadly concoction was in the offering and the results are out in the open now.

  3. Charakan said, on July 16, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Though I agree with most of the things you said,I also feel that part of the blame should also be on V.S. He has become a publicity seeking and power hungry leader. As K.R.Gouri said recently VS is more happy to cling on to the CM’s chair than being a member of PB.

  4. clash said, on July 17, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Why do we fall prey for the “Deshabhimani” reading crowd? What actions of the CM makes people think that he is power hungry?

    If it is his obstinacy in continuing as the CM, i would say it is not exactly the hunger for power that is making him continuing there. He got an overwhelming approval last time around in the elections . He made promises but could not deliver them coz people in his party torpedoed him, he is still trying to justify the people’s mandate last time around.

    Now that is one side of the coin. As a loyal party member for more than 60 years, this man will think many a times before snapping ties with CPIM. He just cannot walk out from the post of CM, if he walks out that would be right out of CPIM. even though Pinraayi and his cohorts through Deshabhimani and Kairali have some how managed to push down the throats of innocent party cadres that, if VS walks out nothing will happen. Kerala witnessed a primer of what could happen if VS is thrown out of the party or if he walks out of CPIM.

    VS is the only cog that is preventing the Pinarayi prostitution centre that is CPIM, today from running freely. He finds a perverse pleasure in being a disruptive mole in there and i suppose, he has all the right to enjoy that perverse pleasure. Probably that pleasure is what keeps the old mans BP in check and if it is that pleasure that is allowing him to be in the forefront of a fight against the vile, vicious and the Mafia that CPIM is today. Let the old man enjoy!

    Viva VS!

    • Charakan said, on July 19, 2009 at 9:21 pm

      You said VS is trying to justify the people’s mandate. But as you said correctly the Pinarayi faction is torpedoing all moves of VS. Then how can he deliver the promises made to the voters?

      In each and every Party meetings VS’s ‘indisciplne’ is being talked about day in and day out. It has become more and more clear that he has no voice in the CPM,eventhough he is one of its founding leaders.Then why should he stay on?
      If he had walked out the day he was pushed out of the PB he would have earned more respect. That is why I doubt he is power hungry.

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