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Status Update – June 09

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on June 5, 2009

I havent had much time these days to blog.

It is sad when i look back, i found that i was mired in understanding all the conspiracy theories – Death of Prabhakaran and then the buying of 26/11 – Mumbai Attacked caused a re-churning of all those 26/11 conspiracy theories.

The football season is over, so i expected a break from the compulsive sports watching on TV but  that is not working out at all. First it was IPL ,now comes the T-20 world cup and the Rolland Garros is going on. I am trying my best to avoid this mental assault caused by the overdose of cricket.

Closely trying to keep up with all the football transfers, thankfully i dont have to watch tv to know about this.

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