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Firaaq and Barah Aana – Review

Posted in Globalisation, God, Gujarat, Movies, Neo-rich, politics, Poverty by clash on April 27, 2009

Let us not get in to the rhetoric all the way. So as to avoid such a situation, i will talk about Barah Aana first.  Barah Aana is a decently structured movie but at times it might induce in you  a confusion as to where the director is heading with his movie.

Encapsulating the menial existence of 3 something-less-than-that-of-an aam-admi type men living in the slums , the characters are  shown ridiculed and neglected by their masters, who obviously live in flats and  drive around monstrous SUV’s . The real difference is that the movie makes an effort to cross over a mediocre monotony that has crippled  Bollywood these days.  Its ability to capture the other side of life in India is not crass as some people who are trying to emphasize it so. Yes, it does not indulge in the usual opulence (chiffon draped mamas, personal helicopters and palatial homes) we always get to see in Bollywood neither does  it celebrate poverty but it is  a short nice little tale about some men on the  other side of  the hedge trying to “break-even “their lives and it works quite fine.

The yuppie crowd is already calling it the “Indian Slumdog Millionaire” and poverty porn but who the hell cares for the yuppies and their rants? It is not an “Indian Slumdog Millionare”, oh… yes then the hoo hoo Paranoia”  for the “shining India crowd” !!.  That is quite ok, they need to get a reality check. I hope we get to see more and more of these kind of movies.

Naseeruddin Shah, Vijay Raaz, Arjun Mathur and Tannishtha Chaterjee have managed to put in a good performane, which is another highlight of the movie. Vijay Raaz needs a special mention here, he was as always brilliant and his convincing performance as the Security Guard, who later works as the main schemer.

I have only good words to write about this occasional/unconventional flick from Bollywood.  It gives us hope as it is not just another mindless drivel that we have to sit through in the name of a Hindi movie.  Cheers and Kudos to the team who pulled it off.

Now on to Firaaq. First things first, as a debut movie for Nandita Das, it is of high quality.  For all those rabidly communal minds, it will be difficult to digest the movie, but not for me. I do share some apprehensions about the movie, its theme and the portrayal , but it doesnt stop me from appreciating it. As i have mentioned earlier in this blog, i had sources who visited Gujarat just after the riots and gruesome were the stories that they heard.

Movie does justice to the  “feeling of insecurity” that almost all the sane Muslims in India share and that part was well enacted out by Sanjay Suri and Tisca Chopra, who portray a Muslim/Hindu married couple.  The movie does well in depciting the amount of distrust and dehumanisation that the Gujarati scoiety has undergone through a meticulous process of reorienting their senses in the communal lines.

The character of Deepti Naval raises so many questions in our mind.  It raises the ugly head of the sudued internal violence that happens in so many families around us. The husbands part being enacted befittingly by Paresh Rawal. A larger question about morality and practicality is raised through the character of Paresh Rawal and it rolls on and on and makes a statement that soultions are not so easy for a strife of that magnitude.

It is difficult say that Firaaq is an enjoyable movie, it is defenitely a movie that raises some questions.  Some of the characters and scenes do create a big impact and one such character is that of Paresh Rawal’s and one such scene is when a Hindu man breaks the skull of a Muslim by dropping something on his head.

I am happy that i managed to catch up with these movies. They are not brilliant to say but they are worth a watch or in fact  deserve a watch.

Note : Good movies coming up from bollywood is like the appearance of shooting star or for that matter an eclipse that happens, once in decade or so.

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