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Living a reasonable way – The Arsenal way

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Europe, Fidel Castro, Football, soccer, sports by clash on April 18, 2009
It is quite evident these days that the days of living reasonably are over. Moment is that of opulence, extravagance and what not. It is not a phenomenon simply associated with club football alone.I remember reading an article about the drastic change in the mentality of the new generation from those who experienced the world wars and great depression. The article argues that this change  is best explained  on the  dinner table  these days . It says in  those days people never preferred to take another food serving while their plates still had food in it and goes on extrapolating this  mass behavioral change in to all aspects of life.

So it is natural that there are cries all around Arsene Wenger, to splurge, to predate super stars and strengthen the team. The French man has been a different character among those who have been suffering from the above mentioned behavioral change. It is like a silent revolution against the order and it has been an extremely painful one at times.

World over, young and old (my father!) support this sorcerer of football. Immensely impressed by his work with his  youngsters, my father a Marxist – “who always envisages the toughest thing to bear fruit” once quipped – “history will absolve him”. It was not a mere coincidence that these words were that of another Marxist who is still running a creaky, rumbling revolution – Fidel Castro.

Arsene’s ways of working has been tremendously painful for him and us. At times in the course of this journey, we have been cynically apprehensive about his project but he has fought on, imparting oodles of confidence for his young team, trusting them to the hilt.  A win at Wembley will be very nice as it offers some positive hope for those who tend to think different.

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“One of the biggest reproaches I got was: ‘Why do you not spent £30
million, £40 million, £50 million?’ That’s unbelievable. They basically
reproach me for not bankrupting the club. So instead of getting credit
because I try to live in a reasonable way I get accused of not making the
whole thing explode.”
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