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Villarreal vs Arsenal, some thoughts..

Posted in Arsenal by clash on April 8, 2009

After a night of thrilling football, in the wee hours i sat down to type a few words about the match in an internet forum. Minutes after i posted it there, i found out that the thread is supposed to be deleted in a while. I scurried and copied the whole write up thinking that it will make a blog post on its own.85839724

So let us be fair, it was a keenly fought match against a very good team which likes to play football. They are very difficult to beat in their home ground and they showed us why.  In the first half, they ran us ragged and scored a goal. Marcos Senna launched a long ranger which found the back of our net in the 10th minute and that definitely put us on a back foot. They weaved passes all around and kept the lions share of possession in the first half.  Things were to change in the 2nd half, where Arsenal started imposing themselves and started to have more possession and the pressure paved way to a spectacular goal in the 66th minute by Adebayor. Again Cesc was the creator, he along side Adebayor is  turning out to be a deadly combination.

Now on to some observations from the match :

  • Almunia’s injury was unlucky but Fabianski came in and did a neat job.
  • Gallas’s case was also the same. How many players will we loose on a constant basis to injury, the list is quite filled up all the time. (Now i am hearing, he is out for the season! dreary!)
  • Kolo had a good game today, he is getting back to his razor sharpness, very fast and that is a great news for us.
  • Djourou came in and did what he really needed to do.
  • Clichy is also getting back from a slight slump in form, he did well enough.
  • It is an irony that we have player on the right hand side that everyone tends to overlook. For me he is most consistent right back available in the world and he is class. I cant remember an occasion, where i spotted a glitch by this player.
  • Denilson as ever was lively in the midfield especially in the 2nd half. We tend to overlook this player a lot and that is what i am doing now, i suppose.
  • Song impressed me today, the man has upped his tempo and his helping him.He put in some physical challenges and added steel to our midfield. Expecting more and more of the same from this young man.
  • Cesc, i have very few words to describe this maestro. He is class apart and there was not a single minute in the game where i felt, he is returning back from a 3 month injury hiatus. When he was playing further ahead in our attacking formation, he found it a bit difficult but started to impose more in the 2nd half.
  • Walcott had a decent game according to me, there was nothing spectacular that he did today. Injury is slightly niggling him, i suppose.
  • Nasri was not very influential in the 1st half but was immense in the 2nd one.
  • And the man, Ade, i have always loved him as a footballer and as a character, what ever his antics may be, the man is up to the job now. He is harrying the defenders running them ragged and scored a tremendous goal. what else can you ask from a player? He was a bit rusty in the beginning of the season and was quiet heady up there. The man seems to have cleared his head and is back!

Overall this draw is massive boost to us and the unbeaten run that we are having. Even though some areas like Senna getting space to launch long rangers and sorts should be sorted out to seal the victory and to march ahead.

Come on you guns!

Watch the spectacular Ade goal here :

Courtesy :

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