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Terror, a different perspective!

Posted in India, politics, Poverty, Terrorism by clash on March 26, 2009
After reading quite a lot about Mumbai attacks, i have reached a conclusion. The material available on Internet might not convince you, but it is important while judging the whole episode and to form a balanced view point. Intricacies and obvious factors are obviously excluded by our media and that makes me resort to some international media (very few of them) which offers a different perspective or thought other than the usual torpor that we undergo, thanks to our stale mainstream media.

So this time around, i was searching for some write up Mumbai massacre on and came across this piece written by Sanidp Roy, which makes a lot of sense, at least for me.

The relevance of this write up could well be extrapolated to analyze this precarious moment in history where we have a Varun Gandhi who  is exhorting to “slit” Muslims and a lumpen anti-social element in Ram Sena, trying to disrupt the what so-ever harmony that is existing in our country by attacking women and people from other religion in the name of culture.

Culture is just an alibi for many among the latter to unleash terror. Their drive to instill terror is not exactly their indebtedness to preserve our culture but a mere manifestation of  some very human emotions like jealousy and inferiority. The ghettoized and the marginalized in our society take it as a wonderful opportunity to scare and terrorize the arrogant rich.

As i have  noted early in this blog, there is an issue of sexual anarchy also involved in here . Let me not explain it all over again to drag me back  in to a pit of disgust.  Topics of sexual anarchy that happens in the attics of rich , sell quite well among the public who are the “others”  other than the rich in  the society. There arises the moral right as they believe, that it  is not  the rich but they themselves are more adherent to the societal norms (not at all true!)  passed on as “culture”.
Are we to witness more of this anarchy when lakhs of jobs are  losing especially in sectors where mostly these “others” are involved in.  (Construction, textiles and let us not talk about farming anymore!) Well, if  that is the case, we might witness more and more of these attacks and increasing numbers enjoying this. Dangerous, i would say. And the excuse : culture!
Sandip Roy’s article is a preamble and mostly it deals with thes aprehensions expressed above.  Enjoy the excerpts here :
clipped from
Mumbai Terrorists Wear Uniform of Young India
In the hushed glamor of the Taj with its 24-hour coffee shops and golden luggage carts, did they walk in through the front door, past the liveried doorman like they belonged? Did they stride into the dining room of the five-star Oberoi where diamond merchants make deals and Bollywood starlets wait to be spotted by gossip columnists like they wanted a table – dinner for three, we have no reservations.
clipped from
I don’t know who the young man in the VERSACE t-shirt was.
He might be an Islamic militant. He might be a frustrated small city boy shut out of the IT economy. He might be a village boy who trained in a camp somewhere.
But his message was loud and clear.
Pay attention to me, he said to booming India.
And then he pulled the trigger.
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  1. Becklee said, on March 26, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Whether they killed in the name of culture or religion or whatever, I call it cold blooded murder. They had evil intentions.

  2. clash said, on March 26, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    those mentioned in the post have not killed anyone yet! yes, they are a threat!

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