Corporate Social Negligence!

Bollywood and Israeli arms manufacturer!

As normal citizens in our country, we tend to oversee a lot of aspects that shape up our nation and one among them is this video i discovered through my Google Reader feeds.

It was astonishing to see that some Israeli Arms manufacturer called Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled their new marketing campaign using a video that might even put to shame some of our b-grade movies and somehow i got reminded of some Bhojpuri film clips that have caught my attention on Youtube.

The funniest part of this whole episode is that, the video was unveiled in the Aero Show which happened in Bangalore, right in my backyard and still there was no buzz in our media about this video or the company that brought out this farcical piece.

With the greater middle east project soon expanding its tentacles all over South Asia, Israeli arms manufactures definitely see India as a customer with a lot of potential.

While they try to push their agenda through some Mujra look alike performance trying to enchant our nation, on the other hand we should not forget that the ulterior aim of these companies are  larger instability in the region and more arms sales.

While reading through some blogs which managed to write about this farcical video stunt, i found out that some of us are welcoming Rafael to India as it seems Israel is yet another nation which has been at the receiving end of Islamic terrrorism and these mindless twerps argue that it is high time that we join hands in fighting terrorism. While joining hands to fight terrorism could all be good, but do you think that Rafael is here because they have sympathy for us, that we are also victims of Islamic terrorism? Aren’t they here for business? What does arms business means? Doesn’t it mean more and more instability and insecurity, so that we spend more and more on these arms? Is that we should fall for in the name of combating terrorism? Isn’t it utterly foolish to shower godly blessings on this unholy nexus?  Fighting terrorism is in fact an urgent issue but in doing so should we drag ourselves in to a trap-door through which many nations have already passed through and has become irretrievable. Such a quagmire is this.

It is all dance and song in the advertisement, with suggestive lyrics like ” We will support you and protect you” but where have we seen this kind of dance before?  Dancing around missiles and guns is definitely  not a part of our culture for sure. If memory doesn’t fail me, i have not yet seen a Bollywood song sequence in which the hero romances around missiles and guns.  Otherwise, we have not yet reached there!

This is not the question of Islamists turning hostile on our nation because we engage with Israel but as i mentioned earlier, “Instability” is the need of these companies and they thrive on the profits carved out of bloody conflicts.

Private armament manufacturers are a liability to the whole world. Their profits are dependent on conflicts and wars . As any profit motive company does, they try to generate maximum profits by creating situations that normal people are wary of!


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3 Responses

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  1. freebird said, on March 16, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    I smell a Zionist – saffron agenda here ! lol 😉

  2. clash said, on March 17, 2009 at 5:25 am

    U mean my writing or the video?

    Concerning the video, yes, the saffronites are indeed very happy to welcome Israel to India, they think that Israel is their big brother as they are also at the receiving end of Islamic terrorism.

    Quite naturally common sense eludes these people and they are dumb to believe so! It is just business what Israel is here for and Arms business means, more instability and more insecurity and the rest you can guess!

  3. freebird said, on March 17, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    >Quite naturally common sense eludes these people and they are dumb to believe so! It is just business what Israel is here for and Arms business means, more instability and more insecurity and the rest you can guess!

    yes that is the point.

    But there are people who blindly see saffron in anything and everything around them. I was mimicing them. If they see the video they will start shouting saying those hindu Gods are there because of the Zionist – saffron tie up.

    But in reality, as you said, the sole purpose is business. Nothing more nothing less.

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