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Oscars : Rahman, Resul and Pinki….

Posted in America, Globalisation, Music by clash on February 23, 2009

It is heartwarming to see a terribly unassuming Rahman holding an Oscar in his hand. So should be said about Resul too, though they are a placed at two different ends on the so called  scale of success.

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A R Rahman with Danny Boyle (right)
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Rahman rarely had anything more to achieve in India and deservedly is awarded an Oscar now.  He has been a glittering presence in the world of cinema and especially in Indian music industry  where we have celebrated music composers who are quite well known for “flicking” tunes.

From the emotional scores in  Roja to the peppy numbers in Boys and the later ones, his music has always struck a chord with the public. The ultra famous dance numbers from Kadhalan literally brought down ceilings !!

Those days are over, here is making suave tunes and melodies and of course some terrific rhythmic peppy numbers that enchants almost all the cross-sections of the society and his transformation into such a musician who could capture the hearts of young and old alike has played a tremendous role in his success.

Oh.. that is quite a lot of words about Rahman but i am sure, i can go on and on!

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Resul is the typical underdog in our film industry. Loads of talent but in an industry where nepotism rules the roost, he has not been able to cut a decent career. Now, that’s the past. Here we are expecting a new beginning for Resul! Cheers to him too!

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Smile Pinki poster (Picture: Dr Subodh Kumar Singh)
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Last but not least… a few words about Pinki too : The story of an Indian girl born with a cleft lip has won the Oscar award in the short documentary feature category.

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