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Church in denial mode!

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Father Paul Thelakat, spokesperson of the Syro-Malabar Church, dismissed the autobiography as “trivial” and an “aberration of the Church.” However, the Church official agreed the nun’s autobiography would “certainly tarnish” the Church’s image and create confusion among Catholics about convent life.
“Many people are going to believe (Raphael’s) words as she was a principal in a women’s college. So the Church should take it seriously,” Father Thelakat said.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India (UCAN) — The Catholic Church in southern India’s Kerala state is playing down a former nun’s controversial autobiography.
A leading English language daily, “The Indian Express,” ran a story on Feb. 19, titled “Ex-nun’s confession set to rock Kerala Church.” The newspaper carried excerpts from the autobiography of Jesme Raphael, a former nun and member of the Congregation of Mother of Carmel.
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Aggregating news employing a feed reader is fun. It serves two purposes; first it updates you with news and related stories for which you have set up your feeds and the second; it allows you to understand a trend, the trend of news and how it is being generated and on what it is being generated.

The last time Christianity in Kerala was under scanner for global news churners when a murder happened in a Knanayan Syriac Orthodox church in New York City. Amazing was the amount of news that generated about Christianity in Kerala after this shooting incident. My feeds set up to siphon out Kerala related news blinked quite often and i was astonished to see news being generated from different parts of the world.

It is very interesting that most of the news generated in relation to the above mentioned incident was about Knanaya Christians. At least for some in the world, it would have been a pleasant surprise to find out that Christianity arrived in this small strip of land long back in AD.52.

This time around, churches in Kerala are not in the limelight for their history but for some controversies and it is nothing new to them. The much talked about Abhaya Murder case is still going on and some priests and sisters have been taken in to police custody and more is in the offering now.

Yesterday i found out that an ex-nun from a Catholic Seminary in Kerala has quit the seminary and has come out with her autobiography. Sister Jesme is not another push over or an unfortunate soul like sister Abhaya. She was the principal of St.Mary’s womens college in thrissur and every one knows what it takes to be a principal in a degree college.

Now the church has come out saying that it is an aberration. I wonder if they are speaking about the book or about the type of relationships that goes on in the seminaries in Kerala. Sister Jesme in her book reveals about the homosexual relationships that nuns share in seminaries.

Union of Catholic Asian News has come out with a news article which says that sister Jesme’s revelations are farce but people might take it seriously as she was the principal of a leading women’s college in Kerala.

I dont think a lady who was committed to serve god for years (3 decades!) will come out and lambast a system in which she thrived for decades. There should something seriously rotting in there.

For CPIM supporters in Kerala , these kind of allegations against them are conspired by “CIA sponsored media syndicate”. I wonder what kind of bogus monster will church create to implicate these kind of break-away nuns ,believers and their candid revelations!

There are no excerpts of the book available on internet but here are some links in Malayalam that might help you out.
Malayalam Google News

If the news is something related about Christianity, it doesn’t take much time for the international media to grab it. Here goes Independent’s take on the story :

Former nun tells of sex and suffering inside Indian convent

The latest news is that ‘Amen – Oru Kanyasthreeyude Atmakatha’ (Amen – Autobiography of a Nun) published by DC books has gone to reprint. It seems the publisher is going to bring out another 2000 copies of this book which is selling like hot cake in Kerala.  This should not be a surprise, kerala is a place where O.V.Viajayan’s  Kazhakinte Ethihaasam was sold over 13 editions, Arvind Adiga’s book The White Tiger was sold out after he was awarded the booker and so on. So the fetish towards books is a common trait in Kerala.  Now, this with a lot of sleaze and that too divine sleaze will surely attract quite a lot of readers.

Note : Unfortunatley you will  find some unscrupulpous links in my related posts ( Auto generated in I dont have any affiliation towards these far-right blogs .  I always maintain my stance towards organised religions – they are criminal gangs. It doesnt matter if it is Hindu, Christian, Muslim or whatever!

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