Corporate Social Negligence!

Viagra,War in Afghanistan and Law Reforms in Kerala

As you all know, there are some people who are hitch-hiking all across the globe trying to make people understand something called “Democracy.” In the name of “Democracy”, nations have been attacked, brutalized and ripped apart. It is not Iraq or Afghanistan alone, this started a long way ago – probably the first attempt at destablising a democratically elected government to plant “democracy” was in Panama, when the elected leader planned to nationalize the United Fruit Company which was working there, in simple terms – siphoning out all the profits to US.

In this process of planting “democracies” across continents ,USA has employed different methods. In some places they formed anti-Drug militias which tortured and ambushed civilians, who revolted against the draconian laws which accompanied the formation of  these militias and most of these laws disrupted the normal lives of civilians.

There are some terrains where these forces try their luck on an on. One among them is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is dangerous place to be in for any army because of the dreadful terrain and the culture associated with the place. Tribal chieftains posses complete control over certain regions and some of them do not fall for the conjuring tricks the foreign army try to employee and it becomes difficult for the invading army to gain a foothold.

Historically many techniques have been employed to take these elements in to confidence. Commonly known as “honey traps”,world powers including  USA and the erstwhile Soviet Union  has employed techniques involving women/sex.

Now in Afghanistan CIA and its covert operatives are employing a different technique, which is not quite different from the old “honey traps”. Various American media sources are reporting that  Viagra is the  new honey trap around!

Afghanistan has been bombed to stone-age and they do not have access to these new-age sex stimulants . The local chieftains are bought out by the Americans by providing these blue pills.

The article published in Washington Post records some experiences of the CIA opertavies who tried to woo a Local Cheftain using these blue pills. These muslim warlords enabled by the words of Quran often have more than one wife  and as age catches up with them, Viagra serves to be a wonder drug in satisfying their sexual hunger and pride. This in turn helps the CIA operatives in establishing better relationship with these warlords.

Going on a different tangent, let us move to Kerala in India. Kerala has been trying to bring on some law reforms which will essentially rule out the possibility of Muslims having more than one wife, in simple words polygamy. Unfortunately the Indian law was slack in addressing this issue and has allowed the Muslim marriages to some what follow the sharia way. This law has been misused and there are shouts coming up from different corners to have a uniform civil code in India.

As it is Kerala, this issue was widely debated and occupied quite a lot of space in the Malayalam media. In many of those debates and discussions,  highly respected Muslims clerics made jokers out of themselves by doling out outdated clauses and arguments in favor of polygamy. Many even stooped so low that some told, during the menstrual period of a women, if a man has his urge uncontrollable, he should have some other women to satisfy his needs. No where will you find the laws written centuries ago being misused so much as in the case of Muslims.

While i read through the Viagra pills report, i thought about Kerala . I thought of people like Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliyar, who argued that any reform which hurts the sentiments of religion will be opposed. People who uphold draconian laws from the past definitely exist in past than in the present. It is more or less like the situation in Afghanistan which an American operative aptly worded as  “an 18th century man meeting a 21st century man” .

In the war stricken Afghanistan where anti-American sentiments are brimming, if CIA could entice an aging warlord with Viagra, they will succeed in doing so with Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliyar also. That quite sums up the situation of Islam all over the world.

Enticed and entangled are the Arabs and other Muslims all over the world that they were incapacitated in doing anything credible when their “brethren” was attacked mercilessly by Israel, hardly a month ago.  This made the Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah cry that Arabs have much to learn from Hugo Chavez as he is the only world leader who kicked out Israeli officials from his country.

Even though America is fighitng the same old monster whom they fostered to counter Communist tendencies in Aghanistan, this is turning out to be a vicious circle, a bloody vicious one. There are reports emerning from SWAT valley in Pakistan that Taliban is active there and are consuming the liberal ethos on which the valley survived. It is a gangrene in which all retrograde elements like Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliyar are a part of.

This make me curious about what will happen, if tomorrow CIA descends here with some Viagra pills for Kanthapuram Musaliyar? Wont he beam back at them saying that, they are the best thing that happened to him other them marrying few wives? This man who upholds the values from a bygone era will readily consume those blue pills and will part his pride to the Americans to bate his libido that he fails to control even when his lady is having his menstrual cycle.  what a twerp!

Now, this should not be an occasion for the right-wing Hindutva freaks to jump upon this and create a furore. They are as filthy as it can get!  There are christians in Kerala who are opposing the law reforms as the reforms mull a cut in concessions doled out to families which have more than 2 children. So the protest against the proposed law reforms are cut across different sections of the society and in know way i am prejudiced against Islam but during the debates which aired in most malayalam channels about this Islamic Marriage related issue, i found disgusting, illiterate clerics making callous remarks about women and in particular raising personal/false allegations against those very few Muslim women who came in support of the proposed law reforms.  To witness that was disgusting and my fingers itched to type down a rhetoric against these filthy creatures.

Now getting back to Viagra, i had a small chat with my dad about this very news piece which appeared in Washington Post. We had a warm laugh when we i mentioned Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliyar in this context. He then mentioned that these aphrodisiacs and sex toys are on the shopping list for the rich in Kerala these days. Inevitably the ruling class and relgious leaders are hijacked by the very same rich people and that inturn force us to imagine the dreary image of orgies in their attics. Something like the one Pasolini portrayed in his magnificient movie Salo. Dreary aint it? It is…. This had to end with some talk about  Marquis De Sade and dad at his best shared couple of  his view points on this sexual anarchy that happens in the society.

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