Corporate Social Negligence!

a short update on the situation…..

Posted in Arsenal, India, Kerala, Kozhikkode, politics by clash on February 4, 2009

Joining or not.. joining or not.. the deal through… the deal fell off……. Frankly, i have never followed a football transfer window like this and the deadline day was pure madness. I have been refreshing all my news sources in matter of seconds catching up with all that was happening.

I am not too sure, what made me follow this transfer window so diligently. May be the desperation about the team being in the 5th place and a morose draw against Westham almost convinced me that we don’t have enough creative players to slit open a hard working defense.  Whatever it may be, i followed all the updates up till 1 am in the night and there was no sign of Arshavin. Rumors and counter rumors flew all across the place.

At 1 am, almost all the UK news sources confirmed that Arshavin has signed for Arsenal, but there was no official confirmation from Arsenal and i was not willing to digest what the media churned out . My obstinacy for official confirmation kept me quite  low when i went to sleep. The next day, i thought i will keep away from this opera as i had loads of work to finish and the day went all the way up till 8.30 pm when i found the official confirmation.

I was quite relieved  about this by then, as my curiosity was dying down and  the hopes of a potential signing was diminishing. This is a scoop indeed.! He was the only big name available in this window and Arsenal swooped him. Not sure about what impact he will make in the league but this signing was very important  as it is crucial in lifting the spirit of fans like me and lots of others who are quite taken aback by the recent run form of the team.

Let us hope he makes a mark and become a splendid player for us.

Now, that is about Arsenal and football but some where else there is an interesting match going on – Kerala. Yesterday after meeting Polit Bureau, our CM Achuthanathan briefed the media about his differences with the party in the SNC-Lavalin issue and his reluctance in joining the “Nava Kerala March ” led by Pinarayi. The central committee will be in a serious fix here and they know very well that they cant afford to oust VS at this moment where as they cant back Pinarayi & gang to the hilt.

Already CPIM supporters in different parts of Kerala have erected posters against the corruption tainted Pinarayi Vijayan, who is leading the march. Some interesting elements who are trying to share the limelight are  the filthy/opportunistic/unscrupulous intelligentsia in Kerala. One among them ,KEN Kunju Ahamed had made some filthy remarks about VS a few days back. While asked about his comments, VS gave a befitting reply by saying that he is not liable to answer monkeys like KEN. Classic! If you get a chance do grab a Malayalam magazine and check out KEN’s pic , you might feel that after all VS was right.

During my days in Kerala, i have witnessed innumerable marches like the one that is happening now – “Nava Kerala March”. These marches have never brought out any credible change to our lives in Kerala and further on, i don’t expect them to make any. It is just a gimmick in which the left in Kerala is desperately trying to evade the corruption allegation towards them.

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