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CPIM rebel wins

Posted in India, Kerala by clash on January 23, 2009

Today was nothing spectacular but sadly i realised that i am banned from the CPIM community in orkut. They said, i am revisionist, that i am not supposed to criticize or question the veracity of the hogwash that is being published in the party mouth piece and some over there has reached a consensus that Pharis Aboobacker; a fraud based in Singapore, who sponsored E.K.Nayanar football tourney happened in Kannur is no Dawood Ebrahim, so there aint anything worng in accepting sponsorship from him.

After a long break from the hegemonic community, i went back there and found some threads related to the Muncipal elections that happened in Shoranur, where a CPIM rebel managed to win and a thread which questioned the party action of ousting the IT adviser to the chief minister. I immediately made some comments regarding both of these issues.

In the shoranur thread, i posted a link from the Telegraph which said that the party members in Shoranur tried to make some unholy alliance with BJP to defeat the CPIM rebel. They failed to do so, but i questioned the actions of the party in doing so as we hear every other day that comrades in Kannur and other parts of Kerala being hacked down by RSS goons. I asked if the party’s commitment towards these martyrs ended by creating concrete structures to felicitate their sacrifice. How can CPIM forge an alliance with BJP of all parties?

The post hardly found any time on the thread as it was mercilessly deleted and the reason said was Telegraph belong to that very “media syndicate managed by CIA” who are hell bent on slinging mud of party’s image in Kerala. Committed party cadres over there are happy in vomiting what the party mouth piece feed them, where as the reality seems to be something different.

There are rebel factions forming in the party in their traditional strong holds. Be it Onchiyam, Mavoor, Shoranur; there are factions cropping up because of general discontent among the general public who supports the party.  And the latest among them being the win of a CPIM rebel in Punnapra North Panchayat. Mind you, Punnapra is nothing small, it is the birth place of the current Chief Minister and has witnessed valiant struggles during the independence struggle.

Comrades in this orkut community which has more than 15,000 members seems to be in a mode of denial and mercilessly go on deleting posts and banning members. Is it any different from culling the dissidents? Is the history being repeated?

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    I admire time and effort you put in your site.

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