Corporate Social Negligence!

oh.. it does stink these days…

Posted in India, Kerala, politics by clash on January 5, 2009

“A television channel has revealed that CPM and BJP leaders in a Kerala district were in touch over mobile phone in the run-up to municipal by-elections last month amid allegations of a covert deal.”

Deal stink in CPM, BJP phone call list

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  1. […] In the shoranur thread, i posted a link from the Telegrpah which said that the party members in Shor… They failed to do so, but i questioned the actions of the party in doing so as we hear every other day that comrades in Kannur and other parts of Kerala being hacked down by RSS goons. I asked if the party’s committment towards these martyrs ended by creating concrete structres to felicitate their sacrifice. How can CPIM forge an alliance with BJP of all parties? […]

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