Corporate Social Negligence!

Parting boot for Bush!

Posted in America by clash on December 15, 2008

Iraq was attacked based on fictitious pretexts. It was  blatant aggression on an independent nation which chose it’s path for its future.  This war as the previous ones, took many lives, disrupted the lives of millions and on the whole ripped a country apart.

These types of wars are nothing new and it did not start with Iraq, it is just that US extended their tentacles to the volatile region that is middle east, which culminated in Iraq. Before this they have torpdoed many a democratically elected goverments in various continents.

So it was nothing new for me to see a disgusted Iraqi throwing shoes at a monster who managed the ravaging of your nation.  A hero the man is!

If someone tries stealing coconut (Obvious reason for mentioning coconut is that, i am from Kerala!)  from your plot, don’t you pelt stones at him?

This is nothing more than throwing stones at the coconut thief , but the situation here is grave, it is not just a coconut but a country that Bush is trying to steal.

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