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It just wont happen…..

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Europe, Football, soccer, sports by clash on December 15, 2008

It just wont happen…. if it moves on like this. I have not written about Arsenal for a long time now, except some few words after the Man U match. Even after staying in the title race for most of part of the last season, i was not confident enough to make a statement this time around after we lost Flamini and sold Hleb in the transfer window.

Of them, Hleb is of not much importance, other than that he is a good friend of Cesc outside the playground. This is not the case with Flamini, he was the engine room of the team in the last season. Though the manager did replenish the squad with Samir Nasri who more less have taken Hleb’s place in the team, he has not found a replacement for Flamini and that is so obvious in the way which we play this season.

I know there is not much of importance in crying over things which happened in the past but the tempo which Flamini created for the team was immense and we thoroughly lack it these days. Myles Palmer who comments about Arsenal have pointed out the difference of Manchester United as a team when Carlos Tevez plays and when he does not. The kind of work rate and oomph he brings in to the United team is immense and Flamini provided the same kind of oomph to Arsenal, though they both play in different positions.

While we played Boro, our team strolled around in the field and never did they raise the tempo so that they could over power Boro in earning a result. For us, it is not capable to raise the bar as the players which occupy the mid-field are not up to it except Fabregas. As our captain is regaining his form, we find his midfield partners are not rising up to that level.

Song who plays in the holding position is not fast enough, cant break the play as we expect him to do nor can he find good passes. I feel it is just the expereince that is lacking, not the quality. So is the case with Denilson, whom i find is more lively in the midfield but is not strong enough to put up with the opposition and cant provide a goal threat. Diaby is very unpredictable and looks awful when played wide.

Take a look at the substitute bench for the Boro game and do we have enough resources to sort out this stalemate?  We had Mikael Silvestre, Emmanuel Eboue, Aaron Ramsey, Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Lukasz Fabianski and Jack Wilshere. Franlky speaking these players cannot rescue or for that matter put in a perfomance that would have saved us from the drab draw our team conceded at the Riverside stadium. Some of them dont have enough talent and some others with talent are too young to be in fray for a premier league game. So we are short of quality/experienced players who can exactly come in and impact the game.

Some of these players can still wait, some cant. I believe we should offload those players who cannot wait and bring in some quality and experience. This is not exactly a war cry to dismantle the sacred project manager is working on, but simply a way to stay in the challenge. For the resources he have, the manager has been performing well but in one sense he is doing an immense injustice to players like Fabregas who needs better players around him to be succesful.

So is Wenger’s pet project being convoluted by some self afflicted stinginess? Or is he getting too worked up by the financial crisis that he often sends out a warning message every other day about the amount of debt in football and its related ill effects? Or has business over ruled his sense of success that he has completely forgone success on field for better financial results? These are some serious questions that he can only answer.

Now that we have a CEO in place, why doesnt he leave the money related matters to him and get back to what he was doing best? Why doesnt he get some more quality players who will increase the competition among the youngsters and increase their urgency than the “no matter what happens, we will stay on” attitude?

Boro indeed is not a bad result as we have struggled to win there in the last few seasons and the other top-four mates have also dropped their share of points. It has not completely shut the doors in front of us but dreaming of winning title with this indifferent form will be a bit of extrapolation.

This tirade is in no way trying question a great manager who has done so much for the club but is trying to make sense out what he is trying to do, which atleast for now is only clear to the managaer himself .

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