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On V.S.Achuthananthan and his remarks.

Posted in Kerala, politics by clash on December 4, 2008

kerala Views

Courtesy : kerala Views

A crap load of things happened in India in a very short time. The markets collapsed, lakhs lost their job and lively-hood, then the macabre attack on Mumbai and the ensuing madness.  In this quagmire, let us not forget that some states are heading towards elections and in some places it has already happened.  People have let loose their words everywhere. Be it on the Television, Radio, Print media or blogs, people have been expressing their views. It is not just in India, our neighbor who is finger pointed at, is also engaged in this orgy of words.

Nationalism and anger has reached its apogee, people are literally hurling abuses at everyone and everything and our media is acting more or less like a pimp at this juncture.  Achuthananthan unfortunately got dragged in to this quagmire of words, when he tried visiting Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s house and was shooed away by his father. Let us not forget, it is at a time when we have found the lost love for our jawans and commandos. Indeed, jawans and commandos did a terrific job but jumping the guns and reaching conclusions are absurd.

There are some blogs which are trying to decipher all this and is trying to strike a balance and i think that is what we need right now. One among them is here. This man, who is a Malayalee who knows his language well enough,is trying to explain to us that the CM did not humiliate Major or his family but it was a plain rhetoric, when questioned by the media about the incident. No, it was not about the incident they questioned him on, but about the usage “dog” by Major Sandeep Uniikrishnan’s father and then came the reply.

Let me make it very clear to everyone who knows Malayalam and who does not : CM has not called the Major a dog, neither did he call his family a pack of dogs nor his house a kennel. What he simply meant was that, “if it was not Major Sandeep’s house, no dog would have gone there”. Now, he could have done without the “dog” part and would have sounded much better.

So this is easy fodder for the neo-rich mallus or mals, as they would like them to be addressed. They have grabbed on his apparent illiteracy and his incapability of speaking English. All i can say them is cut the crap and get lost. The man here is more than 80,waiting in front of a martyrs house and his inebriated (expected, as he lost his son) father makes a scene saying that no “dog” will be allowed in to his house. CM did not make a scene there nor did he engage in any war of words there. And one more thing, as it is Achuthananthan, the Major’s family can be sure that they will not be taunted  further after this public display of derision against the leader. I can imagine what would have been the repercussions, if  Major’s father had done this to Lalu Prasad Yadav or for that matter Kumara Swami.

So for all the hacks and there cronies who are trying to stir-shit, please get lost and i will wrap up this barrage of words by pasting the comment i posted on this blog, which is trying to make some sense out of this issue.

A barrage of rhetoric here again. Leaders essentially need not speak English. He spoke English because he was questioned by the English media who were present there. Otherwise VS would have replied in lucid Malayalam to any of the questions posed at him. I think he is more proud than any of these whimpering neo-rich mallus who are trying to gauge his education and his prowess in English. Get lost, is all i can say.

Now, the wordings of what he told is a bit controversial but no where has he insulted the dead Major. As an elected representative who is the CM of kerala he had to visit Major’s house and so he did. There an inebriated father of the Major was showering abuses on CM ,the home minister and created an unwarranted scene.

Let me tell you, this scene has got lot to do with the slimy journalism many of our mainstream media is carrying out. This time around the rich and the affluent are seriously scared after “their” icons Taj and Oberoi were attacked. They flocked on to the TV screens and wheezed and in one stretch of their breath berated all the politicians and media has been able to propel this feeling a bit too far time around and it was by cashing in on the anger the people felt after the macabre attack in Mumbai. For the rich; politicians are dancing buffoons, today they will lash them.. tomorrow they will be in their laps.

Now some senseless, ignorant and stupid people do get brainwashed by these acts and they are unnecessarily blowing up an issue while the news channels are making hay while the sun shines. They are badly trying to push their TRP rating by cashing in the anger of the people and the fuming nationalism. Somehow we seems to have found a long lost love for all our jawans and Majors.

How many of us were in public supporting the Jawans when they asked for a pay rise? Did we have to wait till a Mumbai Massacre and an Achuthananthan for recognizing and awarding them? Didnt we have to support and pay them well, earlier?

These people who are now creating a ruckus over this issue are those who should not be taken in to account as you people seem to be bothered about all this when situation arises. Where were you all before? Afterall there are umpteen number of unjust things happening in our society… where are you people? If some silly media needs to instigate and invoke your true spirit, your spirit will die soon too.

A footnote for all the loony “he doesnt know english” people :

This is a comment in i left on this blog about the irrelevance of english to be a public figure.

Leaders essentially need not be wearing Armani suites and D&G glasses and speak freaking fluent English. He was forced to speak in English as  the English media asked him contorted questions in English. Otherwise he is a proud enough malayalee who would have spoken in very lucid mother tounge of his – Malayalam. The neo-rich middle class pricks are whimpering a bit too much about English and what not. Utterly crap and disgusting. If you have any sense of history and has heard about someone called AKG , ( A wikipedia link here is indespensible as none of you pricks will have any idea, who this man is!) let me remind you that he never used to speak English fluently. if your grandparents are still alive, you better ask them, what kind of attention and respect does that man used to garner in parliament and public circles with his broken English and that too when suave people like Nehru was around.

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  2. Shivaprasad said, on December 9, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    It would have a good decent blog to make people understand the things if u have not used ‘get lost’ in some places which sounded like u were rash n wanted to make people think like whereas u should have made ur points clear and made people to think than forcing them to diagest ur words.

    Also dude, u made no comment on was that the proper time VS visited Major’s house? all the problem started there, i believe and u made no comment on that, and that makes me to believe that u were swallowing the truth to make ur points clear…

    Otherwise, this was a well said blog… all the best and may god help VS

  3. shanavas said, on September 13, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    iam full sapport you

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