Corporate Social Negligence!

Short update on the situation…

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, India, soccer, sports by clash on November 13, 2008

And the situation is like… Arsenal have won their match against Manure, i was watching the match with some friends and Arsenal fans in a sports bar where Man U cuntos easily outnumbered us. It was like any paan-waalah or chaat-waalah is a Manure fan and all of them turned up in the sports bar without even knowing the names of the players. Everyone did know Cristiano Ronaldo but that quite sums the support base of Manure in India.

Manure did play quite well but their “bully in the school textbook” look alike forward Rooney missed some sitters and adding to their woes were dismal performances from Berbatov and Ronaldo. Arsenal took their chances and an unlikely hero stepped up to the situation. None other than Samir Nasri, the new comer in to squad scored 2 goals.

This is not an answer for all the dismal performances the team till now but this is definitely a confidence booster and a gentle reminder for the players, so that they believe in their capabilities and move on.

Then in the Carling Cup an Arsenal team with an average age of 19 outplayed a full strength Wigan Athletic. I could not watch the match as the broadband connection i have applied for seems to be taking eons in getting processed. Chelsea assistant coach had a very nasty jibe over Arsenal when he told that we play youngsters and undermine the importance of Carling Cup. It was indeed a pleasure to know that they are out of the competition even after playing a full strength squad. Dont forget that included “coin-thrower” and ‘compulsive diver” Drogba!

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