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Some words and a song…

Posted in India, Music, politics by clash on October 24, 2008

You are left without words when some words very well encapsulate what you ought to say or what you feel. These words which i found on a blog left me thinking for a while. I found it worthy enough and felt it should occupy a space on my blog. Here it is…..

God is dead.
Marx is dead. Lenin is dead.
Gandhi is dead.
I am alive
and not feeling too well myself.
(Graffitti in JNU)

Source :

Before i could fathom the weight of these words i was led to this wonderful song by Rabbi Shergil. Rabbi seemed to be a musical mystic with his first album and the hit song in it – Bulla ki Jaana and after that massive hit everybody was expecting him to tread his usual lines to churn out some catchy tunes. Instead what he did was to bring out exemplary album. It did not create much furore as the first one did but there are some great songs in this album. And here is one among them.. enjoy!

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