Corporate Social Negligence!

Welcome back, Mr.Karl Marx!

Posted in politics by clash on October 22, 2008
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Look who is back in the best-seller list, Karl Marx and his Das Kapital. As the stark reality of an economic recession looms in front of us, the free-market and its loyal proponents are looking for a bail out from Marx.

In Germany, sales of the works of Marx, and Friedrich Engels, have trebled, reports suggests. Das Kapital is going to be a movie and French president; Nicolas Sarkozy has been found flipping through Das Kapital.

Suddenly all the bankers and investors seems to be in a hurry to gather some sense!

Marx is back!

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  1. bobinson said, on November 15, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    may be, but communism in the present form as we see in begal can’t save us. (remember I am not even saying that there are communism in kerala. lol)

    I appreciate the china model – what should we call that ? capitalist communism ?

    I remember seeing a Chinese demonstration supporting Olympics (against tibetans) in Canada (one of the countries who supports the tibetan cause).

    It said, “Our voices cannot be ignored”

    our voices cannot be ignored.

    and see how they said, “our voices cannot be ignored because we are now the most powerful country on the planet”

    now think, do we real need “communism” ? phew !!!!!

    realize !

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