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A Short Sa.Ro.Ja Review

Posted in India, Movies by clash on October 13, 2008

Now that i have done enough research on Sa.Ro.Ja, the new Tamil movie; i found that it is an Hollywood rip off and is from the movie Judgment Day …. Sorry, Night! I had no inkling about it and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Yes, at times i felt the movie dragged a bit but then again it is executed well enough that it gives room for us to forget the drab parts of the movie.

There are searing attacks made on the movie, the cast and it execution in the Internet. From my point of view, these are unsubstantial and the movie make its mark as one of those new age Tamil movies. Even if it is a rip off, it is an experiment that has not faltered. The movie has it share of thrill, suspense, comedy and glamor as its forte and all of that is slotted in very well.

Off- late there have been a lot of good movies coming up in Tamil and Sa.Ro.Ja could very well be categorized as one of them.

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