Corporate Social Negligence!

Media spreads a communalised imagery!

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on September 29, 2008

Did you notice the identical ‘Palestinian Rumaals’ or kaffiyehs or abayas or cassavas, the Delhi blasts accused wearing? I was quite flummoxed to see the three convicts sporting the same Palestinian Rumaals. I wondered if they had kept it ready so that they could cover their faces while they were presented to the photographers.  

It is a clear case of racial profiling, it was an attempt to push down our throat some images of Islamic Terrorism. We have seen convicts covering their face with kerchiefs and black clothes, but how the Delhi blasts accused had brand new Palestinitan Rumaals? If you did not know, the unapologetic Delhi Police Commisoner confessed that his department had bought in bought these Palestinian Rumaals in bulk. This is a trick, a dirty one played by our authoririties, now that they have the stock of these rumaals, they can dress up anyone in that and present to us as an islamic terrorist.

This is in no way is an attempt to digress from the fact that there are communal elements who are trying to wreck the harmony and peace in India and those elements are present in all religions. The encounter and the ensuing arrests sparked off series of questions about the veracity of information provided by the police about the convicts and it still persists. On top of this we hear that the Delhi police had already arranged for the Palestinian Rumaals to drape the convicts so that the public doesnt have a shade of doubt about the convicts and their involvement in the bomings. This is a covert and vile attempt to subvert our senses and solidify our senses against the so called “Islamic Terrorism”, for they only will wear Palestinian rumaals.

Sadanand Menon has penned down an excellent article about this. Take time off and go through this here.

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