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Wenger talks some sense

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer, sports, Uncategorized by clash on September 18, 2008

I am back with another “Arsene” post. Now that the fat pockets of some Abu Dhabi Arabs have descended in the premier league, which surely puts Abramovich’s Russian pocket to shame; Wenger seems to be very concerned about this newly found opulence, which is kind of destabilising football as a whole.

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Ahead of the Dynamo Kiev match, Arsene has reiterated his stance over money and its influence on football. There are Arabs, Russian Oligarchs, American Credit Moghuls and now an Anil Ambani who are vying to buy out premier league clubs. Though i am not too sure about the profitability of owning a premier league club as anything could happen in football, owning a football club seems to earn a lot goodwill (You should not be the Mike Ashely Types!), the much needed exposure and definitely is a PR master stroke. The fact is the you really don’t need to buy out a club, but even getting linked to them as a potential buyer in itself is a PR master stroke as in the case of Anil Ambani.

Football has already snapped its working class roots long ago but there is an old world charm associated with it . This charm is fast eroding as more and more money flows in to the game. It is not about a player earning so much, it is about the inflation in the prices associated with players which is making the whole scene something of a surreal drama. We witnessed it during the Robinho transfer, it was simply ridiculous. The player himself had no clue about whom he is signing for but the money made the difference there.

These trends definitely provides an inkling towards a future that could witness a bubble burst due to this unprecedented money involved in football. Arsene seems to be the only manager who is trying to warn the footballing crowd about such a situation and it is not once or twice that he has come out against this unregulated money inflow to football. Arsenal has not won anything for the last 4 years now, but the club has been constantly placed in the top 4 of the premier league and has been playing Champions League every year and all of this is managed with a shoe-string budget. I would love the club to bring in some silver ware this time around but if they don’t, i would obviously be crest fallen but that would not stop me from supporting Arsenal. I will not trade-off my affinity towards Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s puritanical way of working, to accommodate a richer & savvy Manchester City or for that matter any club that could break in to the top 4 flexing their financial muscle. Exceptional is the word to describe this kind of management, as it involves sheer dedication and determination to swim against the currents and establish yourself.

In my previous post, i had mentioned all of these and has linked to another quote of Arsene reagrding money and its influence on football. He will be the last of a kind who will warn us about football and its origins and the importance to maintain such kind of ethics for the well being of football as a sport. These kind of words are a rarity when it comes to any sport these days : “It came out from the roots of the country through local communities who identified themselves with their team, and we have to be careful not to destroy that.” And by now, if you could not make out why i am waxing quite a lot about Arsene Wenger, it is because of his prudence, sheer determination in his way of working and ofcourse the scintillating beautiful football his team plays.

Try to understand what he is trying to make us understand about the foreign investment and the brazen opluence that is thrusting itself in to the premier league through this BBC report.

On another note, Arsenal have drawn their Champions league match with Dynamo Kiev which happened at Kiev. Arsenal have lost all the games that they have ever played in Kiev, such is the dubious distinction of that place. So, this is definitely an improvement over the previous debacles. A last minute equaliser from Gallas helped us in securing a draw. Gallas is becoming something of a goal machine, these days! 🙂

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  1. freekicker said, on September 18, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Macha Ade scored a hat-trick in his last premier league match..dont under-estimate him da 🙂

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