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Transfer window: some serious thoughts…

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, politics, soccer, sports by clash on August 29, 2008

I love their style of football, i love Arsene Wenger, i love Arsenal.

The order is of quite an importance here. Now that i am hearing about Tony Adam’s interest in a cameo appearance at Arsenal after Arsene’s departure, i  can still be an Arsenal fan after Arsene’s departure.  For me, somehow he has grown in his stature above the club that i will rethink twice about wholeheartedly supporting an Arsenal managed by Jose Mourinho, if it is to happen.

There is something in Arsene that eludes everyone, but for me, his ideas are more interesting. Though he shook hands and had lunch with Sarkozy at the Emirates and quipped “there is not much of difference being in the right or left”, what he practices in European football today is something of a puritanism. Today he called in to UEFA probe, that will evaluate clubs that operate on debts and urged UEFA to “kick them out”.

He told;

‘It is very welcome,’ said Wenger. ‘I think teams who have deficit should be kicked out of Europe.

He then goes on to speak about some kind of regulations and checks that UEFA should implement so that this business doesn’t turnout to be another bubble. Yes, something like a Real-easte bubble or the one. Of course Arsene is the best man to explain it to you, after all he has a masters in economics. He is calling for more and more regulations, to make the business transparent and fair. Something that might  not go down very well with free market fundamentalists. That  is some clear cut politics and orthodoxy in terms of economics, which makes me admire him.

Arsene has achieved almost everything with Arsenal, though Champions league is still a due and  this is the season for it to be materialized. He has been thrifty in the transfer window, witnessing a considerable number of players leaving the club.  But as always, i am optimistic about the fresh challenges the team face this season.  And finally, in the interview he took a dig at Chelsea : ‘Who is a club in Europe who can pay £30million cash? I know one, but only

Enjoy the report here.

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  1. […] In my previous post, i had mentioned all of these and has linked to another quote of Arsene reagrding money and its influence on football. He will be the last of a kind who will warn us about football and its origins and the importance to maintain such kind of ethics for the well being of football as a sport. These kind of words are a rarity when it comes to any sport these days : “It came out from the roots of the country through local communities who identified themselves with their team, and we have to be careful not to destroy that.”    And by now, if you could not make out why i am waxing quite a  lot about Arsene Wenger, it is because of his prudence, sheer determination in his way of working and ofcourse the scintillating beautiful football his team plays. […]

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