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Euro 2008 : The French Debacle

Posted in Football, soccer, sports by clash on June 18, 2008

Text Messages from a good football Lover (GFL):

18 -06-08

12.22.34 am

GFL: R u cng d match? Me with d LES BLEUS. Bloody azzuries suck!

Me: Did not respond, was looking forward for something positive.

18 -06-08

01.31.02 am

GFL: Italy wud hav been 4-0 up by nw if toni was not leading their line

Me: Was busy thinking, how the Romanians will save their a**!!

18 -06-08

02.23.35 am

Me : I did watch the match. Was supporting France, but the team selection was awful. Abidal against Toni looked like a scrawny, rickety Somali (In no way I meant any offence, a wayward generalization!) kid against a big beefy bull. That summed up France for the day. Domenech is a sad coach who believes in astrology, may be his stars and their cosmic organization never allowed him to pick a consistent bunch of 11, he changed players and their positions too often in all the Euro 2008 matches they played so far and never could find his starting 11.

18 -06-08

02.28.12 am

GFL : Dnt worry. Spain will take care of them in the quarters. So,Good night.

18 -06-08

02.30.18 am

Me :Chills! I am happy for the under achieving Robin, he scored a scorcher today! Hoping to see him unscathed (touch wood!) in Arsenal this season. Nasri’ signing might happen soon because of this debacle. Optimist…. Good night!


With this, probably you might end up classifying me as one of those spurious god men, but i am not one . Still i had an inkling that France will concede a penalty, may be thats all got to do with the place of my birth – Kozhikode. Read on… “Abubaker, a part of Kozhikode’s “amateur” football betting syndicate, was so sure that the Italian would dive to his right, that he put the entire day’s income, Rs 500, on the dive”. This is a very common notion in this part of the world – kerala, that is if you did not know, in India. I am sure, 50 spectators in nainan valappil would have harped on this feeling and they would have won their bets hands down after the Pirlo converted penalty. Abidal was definitely crappy in dealing with Luca Toni, he had an awful season from what i know of him, Mexes or may be some others would have made more sense than Abidal along with Willi Gallas. The penalty was not a mistake, but the red card killed the match.

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