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Euro 2008 – Turkish Delight

Posted in Football, soccer, sports by clash on June 16, 2008

Euro 2008 is underway and after one of the first matches; Romania vs France, I presumed that the flavor of the tournament will remain so putrid for ever, such was the display!. Call it the negative tactics of Romania or what ever, eveyone looked jaded, worn out and were possibly struggling to find an inspiration. For France, the cosmic balances did not work in favor of them . But it all took a twist when I went on to witness a real bulldozing!! Netherlands piped the world champions Italy 3-1. I was to retreat on my usual skepticism of this being a boring tournament. That match actually set the turfs ablaze.

Italy is always despised. I always found them overtly negative in their approach towards football( I am not talking about Donadoni’s confused Italy!). The nagging defensive style and their mercurial “poacher” forwards who always capitalize the long & high ball to the opposition half never inspired me. They turned out to be a boring and repetitive act every time i watched them. They have produced some brilliant players but that doesnt stop me from hating them. There are some other factors too, which makes me hate them, those could well be summarized with few names like Marco Matteratzi, Silivio Berlusconi so on and so forth. So, let me cut short on this “Italian tirade”; anyway I don’t like them, so why spend so much of energy typing all these words.

On the onset of the tournament, I had France and Spain as my favorites and probably with some help from, I found myself offering a bit of “that support” for Netherlands too. Now, it seems, I will have to dedicate a solid 50% of that support to Netherlands. France seems to be on an armageddonic collapse. I hate Raymond Domenech(I did hate him during the world cup too!); his astrological deductions to arrange a team of 11 and the sorcery he is trying out with his geriatric bunch, i hate all of it! Geriatric, i may call them; I still believe France has the fire power to over power any team in the tournament. A look at their line up will tell you that. I believe they need a clear headed coach who can advise them to play direct football and play to their instincts so that it doesnt turn out to be a moronic affair with good old gentlemen like Thuram and Gallas running around like mad dogs chasing down the opposition forwards. If you have noticed, Marco Van Basten has not “Raymond Domeneched” his team, he has allowed the team to play positive football, which i feel is their strength and is doing it with a formidable team. Formidable; might be quite contentious a word but think of Ooijer, Engelaar, Du Jong and the other members in the Dutch team, you should be quite convinced by the word ‘formidable’. For a moment forget Schnieder, Van Persie, Nisterlooy!

The Dutch seems to be on a roll, they play attacking football. While leading 2-0 against France, you see Van Persie coming on and banging in another one. That is when you want to secure the score line by throwing another Khalid Boulahrouz and stifle the game for the old men. They are fortunately trying to play football and not all those catenaccio and judo – karate tricks on the football field or have not reduced the playing ground to a stage making snide remarks about sisters, family and ethnic origin and I am happy that they have come out successful in this attempt. I find it as a victory for good and positive football.

Football in Europe is never restricted to these big names and that is what Turkey showed us yesterday. Fighting a team who is ranked 6th, trailing them for 75 minutes, making a historic come back and winning the match would have been a sweet moment for the 20th ranked Turkey. Again a good old gentle man in Karel Bruckner, threw in Jan Koller instead of Milan Baros and we all know why he did that. They were waiting for a whipped cross from the flanks to slot it in with Koller’s head and he did that with aplomb in the 34th minute. Servet, the burly defender of turkey harried and scurried to get some where near Koller’s head but unfortunately in the first half he never did. Turkey changed its formation in the second half and was playing with a 3 pronged attack. They pressed hard and the indefatigable Turkish crowd got behind them well, they made a hell lot of noise. Turks held the lion’s share of the possession but they could not break the dead lock till the 75th minute, rest is, as they say, History!!. It will be very bad, if I do not mention couple of names here: Arda Turan, Tuncay, Nihat and Altintop -these players were splendid and their urgency paid off against a cautious Karel Bruckners side.

I was flipping channels to keep abreast with the inconsequential Swiss – Portugal match. I suppose, All that money Scolari is going to get from Roman would have made him think more about the money than an effective team line up for the match against Swiss. As an Arsenal supporter, I am happy for Senderos, hope the lad regained some of his confidence. Scolari’s Portugal;they are an immensely talented team and I supported them last year when Figo was there. No, not anymore! I don’t find Scolari an inspiration to support the team after reading his remarks about Gen. Pinochet (he tortured a lot but there is no illiteracy in Chile! Aint that sound like a retired neighborhood uncle giving a political discourse?) let us not even bring Ronaldo in here….

So, turkey is in quarter finals and will be fighting it out with “Slaven Bilic’s” Croatia. Croatia will be a tough fixture for the turks, again my political will supersede my footballing affinities. I want the Turks to over run the Croats – I would say, it will help the Turks provide a much needed anti- climax to the racist Europe; after all they are the outsiders.

This is not a

* review,
* obviously cant be a preview
* or a deliberate attempt at penning down something about Euro 2008.

It just popped after a thrilling Turk –Czech match in which I ended up supporting Turks because I have a grisly Czech manager at my work place. I had lost all hopes by the 75th minute but yesterdays match told me that I dare not switch off my television before the scheduled 90 minutes of a football match.

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  1. The Czech Daily Word said, on June 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Now the Czech team experience one hell of asskickin’, gotta say. The Turkish team was fabulous. So what that Czechs dominated the match. Goals count. And goals scored two minutes before the final whistle COUNT TWICE

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