Corporate Social Negligence!

Cheapos – You free market Fundamentalists!

Posted in bio-fuel, biofuel, Delhi, Globalisation, India, Neo-rich, politics by clash on June 5, 2008

Some Free market fundus asked me “what the hell is Congress doing??(Indian National Congress, not the American Congress!) Why the hell aren’t they increasing the fuel prices?? Let’s pay the market prices and binge!” And they did; yesterday. Petrol is 5 rupees more costly; LPG is costlier by 50 more bucks and so on. Let me tell you, this is a vicious cycle – Today morning we hear inflation has shot up to 9%, the rest will follow. Veggies and daily supplies costing 2 fold and so on.

I don’t quite belong to the free market fundus – I like to live in a world of subsidies because I am frank enough to concede that my life might take a topsy turvy turn, if essential commodities turn out to be very costly and that is in store for us with this price rise of oil.

Immediately after I caught up with the “breaking news”, I rushed to the near by Petrol bunk to pump in some oil before it got costlier by midnight. Not that I was expecting any crowd in the petrol bunk, I witnessed unprecedented rush and on top of that the Petrol bunk is only selling the costliest variant of the available oil. I did not want to concede to this trick of the petrol bunk owners – squeezing out maximum profits in the time of panic. I searched for a Petrol bunk which sells the normal variant and I did find one – a Hindustan Petroleum bunk, owned an operated by the company itself. I am happy that I managed to guzzle in a tank full of oil. But the sight amused me.

I did find a lot of bikers scrambling to fill in their tanks, some because their oil got over and some escaping the cruel price rise. In the madness that ensued the ‘breaking news” I also found a hell lot of glitzy-glossy ‘CEO” cars too jostling around in the Petrol Bunk. Some where there because they ran out of oil in their vehicle, but most of them jostled around in such madness to escape the price rise which was going to be effective from mid night.

I can sympathize with the bikers; most of them are reliant on their vehicle to earn their daily bread. This price rise is going to affect them the most, so their attempt to fill in their tanks before the price rise came in to effect is completely justified but how about those “glitzy glossy” CEO cars? Given a chance, they won’t mince their words in eulogizing the market and its capacity in creating wealth and the trickle down effects of it, topping all of it with a line like “look; my help these days were GAP”. They find enough time to preach and convince the ideology of market to take any one in to confidence, who has any kind of apprehensions about market and its effect. It is very common for any youngster with some radical strains to have some apprehensions about market.

These CEO types are the most hypocritical of them all. Their life is a cheap balancing trick between the mediocre and the worst. Too often they rise to the highest level of diplomacy to save the worst and mediocre. They hardly have time to practice what they preach and the same happened with these champion free market – fundus. The breaking news came in and they flocked to the nearest petrol bunk to fill in their tanks.

Awkward would not explain my feeling to the fullest. I felt like spitting in to one of those cars which seated a man with his lap top. These preaching free market fundus!

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