Corporate Social Negligence!

Top- scorer get Rs. 500…. thats football in India….

Posted in Football, India, soccer, sports by clash on May 18, 2008

I stumbled upon this news piece through my Google reader Indian football news broadcast. Multi Million IPL is up and running and on the other side we see Chennai Football Association (CFA) rewarding the top-scorer in their league with Rs. 500. You wont even get vegetables for a month with that amount, Will you, with inflation hovering around 7.5% ??

Wonder no one gives a damn about Indian Football?? This is it, If you play with passion and decide to be a footballer, you might die in those neglected dungeons. Do we need to talk about other sports?

Is it that the associations don’t get any money?? I wonder…

Read the news here….

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  1. freekicker said, on May 19, 2008 at 10:26 am

    And for hitting max sixes in a match the IPL pays 1 lakh:)
    Thanks for the comment bro…your’s is a hard hitting blog da 🙂

  2. emperorbananaketchup said, on May 19, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    If you think footie’s getting a raw deal in India (where cricket is king), you should look into the Philippines’ joke of a “football programme”

    Over here, basketball is king, but none of our local players can even make it to the NBA!!!

  3. […] July 7, 2008 There are supporters, the only problem is that the attention is slightly skewed outwards, They literally don’t have anything at all to love about in their place. That latest distraction being the thrashing by Punjab in the Santosh Trophy, they piped us 5-0, no more there is a Vijayan, Sathayan, Chakco or Sharaf Ali to save us. There are of course fringe names, O.K Javed, Asif Saheer and so on, that is not enough, they are no collosal figures. N.P Pradeep is the current biggest thing in  Indian Football scene from Kerala, but so detacthed that he is right now, he is more of an “Indian” player for all Keralaites right now. He has indeed a long way to go, and i wish him all the best for his future, one day i reckon he will be rewarded for all his abilities. Infact he is well rewarded monetary wise, I-league footballers don’t live in penury anymore ( but chennai League players might.) […]

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