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A kind advice to the blastee !!

Posted in India, Jaipur, politics, Terrorism by clash on May 14, 2008

Blastee – A man/ woman who is adept at using or blasting bombs.

We are still unsure about the miscreants in Jaipur and might not ever know who were responsible for this dastardly act. All we come to know, when such a bombing occurs is the foreign links and the usual names – HUJI, SIMI and LET. This follows didactic articles from top journalists with excerpts from  intelligence bureau about terror and its expanding networks.

A survey conducted last year says that India was at the end of worst terrorist attacks last year. Still we move on, without being an outright member of the axis against terror across the world. We still have not involved ourselves in Iraq or Afghanistan and is now vying for petroleum pipeline from Iran withstanding the bullying of the “world democracy lender” America.

There are serious insecurities for Indian Muslims; they have been victimized and vilified at numerous instance like the Jaipur ones, while we easily forget to find the real culprits. Our system have not given us comprehensive answers for all these attacks. All we hear is vague news, about the sketches released and so on. There has been no comprehensive answers or verdicts so far. So many commissions are at work, who knows whether they have gathered any answers. Sadly no one does. Muslims are at the end of all hooded abductions by the authorities in the name of terror and security. There is a constant effort to alienate and ghettoize them from the Indian mainstream. This has reached such an extent that a Muslim family friend of mine doesn’t want to hunt jobs in North India; he told me he fears the hooded abduction.

Now, going according to the authorities who claim foreign hand and the usual suspects in any of these acts, I have a request to these miscreants : These bombings are terrible, we need to know the real culprits and they should punished. They will not succeed and these acts will only force their brothers to be vilified and ostracized in the public domain more and again. This will only help to wear off that already thin respect Muslims hold in India. These kind of dastardly acts can only force the majority to hate Muslims and push them more to oblivion. It will offer a juicy prospect for those who are already on tirade against world terrorism to lure India in to their bandwagon. No wonder Israel and America are the first ones to condemn the Jaipur blasts.

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