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It has not imploded yet……

Posted in Uncategorized by clash on March 31, 2008

Here i go again, the season has not yet imploded! Saturday, all the Arsenal fans witnessed the greatest come back of this season. It seemed like; everything was going for a spin at the break, the team were 2-0 down to a relegation fighting Bolton. Chances were not taken, silly mistakes from the defense and all those. Then comes the twist, Gallas driving home a corner deflected by Campo and there the team is back in contention. They applied pressure and that resulted in a penalty which was duly drilled in by Van Persie, then comes that dilly-dally goal from Fabregas, which evaded us for quite a while.

Yes, the team is not yet there, they are not at their peak but “character” which all pundits were lamenting about, we showed a bit of that. May be that’s wrong, we showed it a bit too much on a rainy day at the grim Reebok Stadium where Arsenal had floundered for the last 6 years. If such statistics are to be remembered, this is a marvellous achievement, which evaded the team for such a long time. Diaby, ousted after a lunging tackle, the incessant rains and with everything going wrong, for the young team, if this was not the prefect milieu to stage a come back and re-establish the faith in themselves, when will that come?

It had to come some day; and it was at the Reebok stadium on a rainy saturday. The team, bounced back from all the adversities and reverted their fortunes which seemed to be at its worst after the dreary run for quite a while in the league. So, are they going to win the title? I don’t care, but i am happy to see a team, growing up, maturing and taking them to a level, where they can come out of any rubbish with a win and for us, the supporters, i presume, the wait wont be a long one, as i feel this feat might be replicated quite often in the future. It is nice to remember that we are still in contention for the title and in quarter finals of the Champions League. Winning the league title might turn out to be a sweet miracle, but we should be happy that team is still in contention, when we all were a bit skeptical at the beginning of the season.

So, when Arsene insists that we are in a work-in-progress team, this team has defenitely over achieved so far this season as to what was expected from them. The team still keeps our hopes alive and kicking, inspite of a lean patch from Adebayor, injuries and so on. This team will fetch Arsenal and its supporters the much needed glory in coming years. But we will have to wait! Its not over yet….

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