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Full throttle….

Posted in Arsenal, English Premier League, Football, soccer, sports by clash on March 6, 2008

First of all, let me tell you, the season has not imploded instead we witnessed an explosive performance from the Arsenal team. At San Siro, they dominated the proceedings and came on top of the Milanese Club. It was beautiful, the young team did not loose patience and worked on and on for a break which ultimately came in the 84th minute through Fabregas who was majestic in the middle of the pitch. Adding to the woes, the impact substitute Theo Walcott, raced through the right flank in the 90th minute putting Kakha Kaladze in a difficult situation, overcoming him and squaring an immaculate cross, which Adebayor slotted in with ease. There ends the story, 2-0 ahead of Milan at San Siro. Yes, it is against A.C. Milan the seven time European Cup Winners! The lads were a joy to watch, they tackled, kept possession without panicking, slotted in passes through spaces and created opportunities.

Alumina was never tried really, except for some glitches in the first quarter of the game. Then on, Arsenal consolidated their dominance in the game by keeping possession and a row of attacks. The back four had a good game except a flippant header from Senderos. Gallas ended up leading the team very well and did create some serious and great challenges. Bacary and Clichy were at their best. The Midfield trio of Fabregas, Flamini and Hleb were a cohesive unit – When fabregas fell in deep to set things correct, Flamini harried along in the midfield going for anything that came across him. Hleb; playing the floating supplier behind Adebayor played terrific passes and managed to get a shot on goal. He is so creative and draws players to him and thus opening up spaces for others, tremendous! Diaby who joined the trio in the midfield played well, but he tends to hang on to the ball for quiet a few seconds more than any other Arsenal player and was getting dispossessed easily later in to the game. Eboue was the same old Eboue, with a lot a pace and lot of prospect to improve his game. I am sure he will come of his age as a great right midfielder in the coming years, if he keeps his position there. He was eventually substituted with Walcott, which I always felt is risky because I always thought it would expose Bacary. We have seen this substitution for a while now and that implies the belief Arsene holds in Bacary and his ability. Adebayor as always threw in a lot of energy there and created lot of trouble for the Milanese back line. This man, gives it all and the goal in his name is a reward for the hard work he puts through.

Confidence is sky-high and this might be that season in which we will end up with a double, but far too early to say anything, isn’t it? So let’s leave it at that and expect the team to continue this thrilling form in the league and the upcoming games. I am thrilled with this marvellous victory that i was planning to pop in office with my Arsenal T’s on. Good, that it was so soiled that I ditched the idea. Thrill is what a good football match gives, and when it is in the European level, its something of a great feeling! Even though I am one of those harried fans holed up in the sitting room late in to the night withholding a violent scream which I wanted to give when Arsenal scored – fearing an immediate show-cause notice that the neighbour might produce!



Cheerios – gunners! Long way to go!



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